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Made in USA Underwear

Made in USA Underwear


womxns rites
COMPANY: womxn’s rites
DESCRIPTION: Womxn’s Rites considers themselves feminists in fashion. They use the power of the fashion industry to affect social change. Womxn's Rites promotes luxury basics and rituals that honor feminized labor while funding direct action to advance actual women's rights.
SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY: Womxn's Rites has a commitment to make all of fine textiles and sustainable fibers made in the United States. We are awaiting their launch for a full report on their ethical practices.
SOURCES: Womxns Rites says they use sustainable fibers sourced in the USA. We are awaiting their launch for more transparency on their sourcing.
SHOP: womxn's rites

Only Hearts Intimites

COMPANY: Only Hearts
DESCRIPTION: Helena Stuart founded Only Hearts in 1978, creating fashion’s first “Inner Outerwear” ™ collection and revolutionizing under garment dressing to come out and be seen. Today Helena, working alongside daughter Kaya, offers a full range of lifestyle lingerie from sexy sweet undies and bralettes to sleepwear, lounge and wear-anywhere wardrobe staples. Sensuous, natural and just a little bit naughty.
SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY: Only Hearts manufactures in New York City. They do have certain items that are ethically made in Peru, and are labeled accordingly.
SOURCES: Only Hearts does commit to using local, deadstock and certified made in green textiles. One improvement to their site would be to specifically state from where each textile is sourced.
SHOP: Only Hearts


Hanky Panky
Company: Hanky Panky
Based: NYC, NY
Description: In 1977, designer Gale Epstein created a handmade lingerie set for her friend crafted out of embroidered handkerchiefs, which became the inspiration for the company name. Known for comfort and style, Hanky Panky has a wide selection of panties, bras, bodysuits, slips, teddies, pajamas, and more.
SOURCES: 100% of the fabrics and trims used to make their Signature Lace styles are knitted in the USA. Even the Supima® cotton fibers used to make the lining are grown in the USA. Supima® cotton has a smaller environmental impact than foreign-grown cottons. According to Supima.org, “The implementations of new technologies allow U.S. cotton producers to minimize the impact on the environment by using less water, land and energy.”
SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY: Hanky Panky has been manufacturing in the Northeast area of the USA since 1977. This saves time, fuel, and shipping costs, drastically reducing the generation of CO2. It also allows us to monitor both the quality of our products in the factories and the working conditions.
SHOP: Hanky Panky 



Company: Brook There
Based: Portland, Maine
Description: Small-batch organic lingerie and underwear Made in USA. Brook There is a husband and wife duo comprised of Brook, Designer and Production Manager and Daniel, the Graphics Designer and Business Manager. Brook started sewing at age 12 and grew up on an organic farm so sustainable choices is second nature to her.
Sources: Brook There sources organic cotton milled from from South Carolina and California. They cut and sew their materials in Massachusetts and their fabrics are dyed in Pennsylvania or Maine.
Social Responsibility: Brook There buys organic food because, “they believe in supporting organic farming, while also wishing to consume fewer unknowns.” Similarly, they buy organic cotton. They employ local employees, use sustainable packaging and offer Vegan options.
Shop: Brook There


COMPANY: BTS Intimates
DESCRIPTION: Between the Sheets creates lingerie and sleepwear with impeccable quality, design, and fit. They are the first lingerie and sleepwear company to become certified as Made in NY. 
SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY: As a certified B Corporation, BTS must meet the highest standards of social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability. They aspire to use the power of business to solve social and environmental problems. Between the Sheets is committed to fair and legal labor and wage practices and is registered with the New York State Apparel Industry Task force. No sweatshops, no illegal labor, period.
SOURCES: BTS considers both the raw materials and the distance these materials have to travel to reach NYC (the method of and distance of transportation can add significantly to the total environmental impact of a garment). For each collection BTS Intimates details the fabrics and materials they use and share their insight into why each material was chosen. Garments do not travel more than five miles from the time they are designed in Long Island City, to where they are ethically cut and sewn in NYC's garment center, to where garments are stored, packed, and shipped.
SHOP: Between the Sheets


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I’ve heard of hankypanky
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Women Rites looks so pretty! Where can I purchase?

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these are great american made undie recommendations, thanks!


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