Athleisure + Yoga Wear Made in USA

Athleisure + Yoga Wear Made in USA

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The New Year is a time of resolutions that often include exercise regiments.  Nothing motivates a new exercise routine more than a good looking exercise outfit.  Here are some wonderful athleisure companies to support so that your newest yoga pants are ethically and locally made.


COMPANY: Alexis Mera
PRODUCTS: Women's Yoga and Athleisure
WEBSITE: Alexis Mera

BACKGROUND: Alexis Mera is made in small batches in NYC utilizing various fabrications ranging from exceptionally soft and breathable jersey knits to medium compression high elastic knits with quick drying properties. These active fabrics have performance qualities such as Maxi-Dri moisture management technology for quick drying, keeping skin dry to increase endurance in active environments, and MicroBlok technology, which is an anti-microbial treatment preventing odor and growth of bacteria, fungi and mold.  Printed designs are digitally printed on the base fabric, which is safer for the environment and workers than traditional rotary screen printing, which often uses hazardous inks and dyes and mass amounts of water in the dying process of the fabric, resulting in polluted waste water that can contaminate the ground. The equipment used for digital printing eliminates wastage, and reduces the use of water, for a greener printing process. Digital printing also allows for small production runs, which reduces fabric overages after production, in turn also reducing wastage.


COMPANY: Lily Lotus
PRODUCTS: Women's Yoga and Athleisure
WEBSITE: Lily Lotus

BACKGROUND: Lily Lotus garments are all sewn, dyed and embellished entirely in the USA using eco-friendly fibers and knits.  Natural fibers allow Lily Lotus to create signature tie dyes and specialty washes, all of which use low impact dyes.  Lily Lotus' headquarters and flagship store is based in Oahu, Hawaii. The rich natural beauty of the islands are a daily inspiration to their creativity and sustainability.

COMPANY: Inner Waves
PRODUCTS: Women's + Men's Yoga
WEBSITE: Inner Waves

BACKGROUND: All of Inner Waves clothing is made in the US. They pride themselves in their high-quality standards and feel proud to support American craftspeople who sew their product line, working in safe conditions.  Inner Waves supports the Give Back Yoga Foundation, to which they share a portion of their monthly profits. Inner Waves teaches donation yoga classes that support local food banks and volunteers to sponsor and serve meals to homeless women.


PRODUCTS: Women's + Men's Yoga
WEBSITE: Yoga Smoga

BACKGROUND: YOGASMOGA sources materials locally to reduce fossil fuel consumption. Their dye lab is located in the USA and no harmful chemicals are used in their dying process. Their facilities are participating suppliers of the Fair Labor Association. YOGASMOGA believes in the accountability of their entire supply chain and takes part in no sub-contracting, even for the smallest components in their product.


PRODUCTS: Women's + Men's Yoga

BACKGROUND: Anjali started as a yoga studio in New Jersey 10 years ago and has grown into a Men and Women's Yoga clothing line since.  Founders Kristinn & Julissa were both clothing designers in NYC so when they fell in love with yoga, it was a natural life progression to start the line.  Anjali was passionate about ethical practices from the beginning.  Anjali wanted to make clothes in the US,  to be ethical in our business and to be environmentally and socially responsible.  Anjali guarantees the quality of their clothes which are sweat shop free and are primarily made by us in the New York City area and Los Angeles, or in fair trade facilities by their partners.

COMPANY: Greater Than Sports
PRODUCTS: Women's + Men's Yoga + Athletic Wear
WEBSITE: Greater Than Sports
Greater Than Sports yoga tank top
BACKGROUND: Greater Than Sports is designed and produced under one roof in Upstate New York.  GTS is passionate about using fabrics sourced in the USA. In-house production runs are batched and made upon order to minimize waste.


PRODUCTS: Women's Yoga

BACKGROUND: Evolve is a website that sells a myriad of brands, but only those that are organic, recycled or made in the USA. Evolve has 17 pages of made-in-USA products from which to select!


Exercise clothing is such a great place to start making ethical purchases!  Exercise represents a healthy you, a good looking you, a better looking you.  What if exercise could also mean a more conscious consuming you?  By your intentional athleisure purchases, you can reduce carbon dioxide emissions, and therefore the overall carbon footprint, by buying things manufactured locally.  The less transportation it takes for an item to get from factory to consumer, the less impact there is on our planet!  


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