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Best Coffee Shops in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Best Coffee Shops in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

If you are visiting Brooklyn and lover of coffee and/or the cafes scene, you'll surely be hitting New York City's hippest neighborhood Williamsburg, Brooklyn. See below for the best coffee shops where you cannot go wrong.

Below are a few Williamsburg coffee shop favorites, which can also be viewed in maps view here. 

Freehold Coffee Shop in Williamsburg Brooklyn via Business Yap
45 South 3rd St
Daily, 8a-6p

Freehold has a counter and small seating area as you walk in to the cafe. Walk to the back of the cafe and you'll find an expansive room that shouts mid-century modern design. You'll see many guests on laptops during the workday. With tables and lounge chairs, Freehold makes a wonderful place for coffee and friends.


Partners Coffee Shop in Williamsburg, Brooklyn
Partners Coffee
125 N 6th Street
Daily, 7a-6p 

Partners Coffee is probably the most frequented coffee shop in Williamsburg. It's location on N 6th Street makes it most convenient to the subway as well as to the dense population of neighborhood residents. Arrive early before the workday or weekend brunch scene opens for a quiet cup of joe. Partners is a hip spot to see and be seen, especially with their outdoor space, but skip this one if you are looking for a quiet coffee break during the day.


Lion's Milk in Williamsburg, Brooklyn pic via Shoot New York
Lion's Milk

104 Roebling Street
Monday through Friday, 7:30a-5:30p
Saturday and Sunday, 8:30a-6:30p

Lion's Milk is a lovely place to have a coffee. It is in a quieter part of the neighborhood, thus less crowded than some of cafes in more trafficked parts of Williamsburg. Lion's Milk is worth going a few blocks out of your way because the coffee is great, service is friendly, and it feels a bit like being in a European cafe. 


Blue Bottle Coffee Shop in Williamsburg, Brooklyn via Dezeen
Blue Bottle Coffee
96 N 4th St
Daily, 7a-7p

Blue Bottle has now spread across town, but this was the original location. Coffee aficionados delight in the Blue Bottle's slow pour coffee. If you like your coffee black, this is a no-brainer stopping point. An added bonus is the modern, sparse space to enjoy your brew. 


Black Street Bakery and Cafe in Williamsburg, Brooklyn
Black Star Bakery and Cafe
548 Driggs
Monday - Friday, 8a-4p
Saturday and Sunday 8a-5p

Black Star Cafe moved from East Williamsburg to a prime North Williamsburg locale. Black Star is a quaint cafe located in the old Whoops bakery shop. In addition to coffee, Black Star is a great place for pastry and croissant sandwiches.

Hungry Ghost Coffee Shop in Williamsburg, Brooklyn
Hungry Ghost 
231 Bedford Street
Daily, 7a-6p

Hungry Ghost Coffee has expanded into five locations, the one in Williamsburg located in a pretty building that once housed one of the first retailers in the neighborhood, Whisk. Hungry Ghost does have a very small and cute seating section, which can surprisingly be available at times. 

Black Brick Coffee in Williamsburg, Brooklyn
Black Brick
300 Bedford Street
Monday through Friday, 7a-6p
Saturday and Sunday, 8a-7p

One of the original coffee shops in Williamsburg, Black Brick is a gem. A small dark space awaits with limited seating in the front. Walk to the back of the cafe and a delightful backyard space awaits! 


Bakeri Coffee Shop and Bakery in Williamsburg, Brooklyn
150 Wythe Ave
Monday through Friday, 7a-6p
Saturday and Sunday, 8a-6p

If you liked baked goods, Bakeri is an obligatory stop. There is a long communal table in the front area with a couple of tiny tables inside. There is an adorable backyard for seating as well as under the small awning in front. 


Devocion Cafe in Willieamsburg, Brooklyn
69 Grand St
Monday through Sunday 8am – 7pm

If you are hoping to take a quiet break in Williamsburg, you may not want to consider Devocion. Even if you don't plan to hang out for a coffee, you might want to stop in for the quintessential Williamsburg vibe. The space is huge and chock-full of hipsters on their laptops throughout the day. If you are lucky or you arrive first thing in the morning you can be one of the lucky few to nab a seat!


Copper Mug Coffee Shop pic via Facebook
Copper Mug
131 N 4th Street
Monday through Friday 7:30a-6:30p
Saturday and Sunday 8:30a-6:30p

Copper Mug is a friendly cafe great for neighborhood folx who want to avoid some of the crowds in Williamsburg. This coffee shop is right off the main drag of Williamsburg's Bedford Street so there is no detour necessary for a good cup of coffee. The staff is friendly and can likely give you a few neighborhood tips.


Alex Coffee Roasters in Williamsburg, Brooklyn
Alex Coffee Roasters

168 Wythe Ave
Mon-Friday, 7a–4p
Saturday and Sunday, 7a-1p

Alex Coffee has taken a portion of the Rosarita Restaurant and it has been a wonderful addition. While they do not have a large selection of morning pastry, the coffee is superb and there is a seating area that is often available.


Blank Street Cofffee in Williamsburg Brooklyn pic via Blank Streeet

Blank Street
225 Wythe Avenue
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 7a-4:30p
Friday and Saturday, 7:30a-5p
Sunday 7a-4:30p

 If the weather is nice, Blank Street Coffee on Wythe may just be the best place for a cup of joe. It is essentially a coffee cart, but behind truck is a beautiful seating area among the trees. It is hard to find such a perfect combination of great coffee, great ambiance, and being in nature. That being said, if it's cold or rainy, find another spot!


When you are visiting Williamsburg, Brooklyn your choices of coffee shops abound. This is just a portion of the cafes located in the neighborhood. A more exhaustive list can be viewed in maps view here. 

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