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Best Coffee Shops in Greenpoint, Brooklyn

Best Coffee Shops in Greenpoint, Brooklyn

For the best off-the-beaten track coffee shops, make your way to the Greenpoint neighborhood in Brooklyn where you can find charming local cafes and coffee shops.

Homecoming Coffee Shop in Greenpoint, BrooklynImage from @vickygu

116 Franklin Street 
Greenpoint, Brooklyn
Daily, 8a-6p

Homecoming is a unique coffee shop that combines a flower and gift shop with top quality coffee and tea. Owner Vanessa Chinga brings her refined aesthetic to her space, which includes outdoor seating.


Maman Cafe

Image from @maman  

80 Kent Street

Greenpoint, Brooklyn
Weekends 8a-6p
Weekdays 7:30a-6p

You can now visit Maman in many of the best neighborhoods in New York City. Maman’s Greenpoint location is off-the-beaten track and a block away from the city vista Transmitter Park. In addition to offering a wonderful array of pastries and wonderful espresso and tea specialties, this location has a delicious light French fare menu.



Odd Fox Cafe in Greenpoint, Brooklyn
Image from @oddfox 

Odd Fox Coffee 
984 Manhattan Ave 
Greenpoint, Brooklyn
Weekends 8a-7p
Weekdays 7a-7p

Odd Fox Coffee is a quintessential neighborhood coffee shop. The simple, eclectic space offers excellent espresso drinks along with a variety of light snacks and treats. This is a wonderful place to visit in the warmer months as they have a sweet backyard garden.


Sweetleaf Cafe in Greenpoint, BrooklynImage from @brianbyrne

Sweetleaf Coffee 
159 Freeman Street
Greenpoint, Brooklyn
Weekdays 7a-7p
Weekends 8a-7p

At Sweetleaf expect excellent espresso drinks and delicious locally made pastries. The space has a rustic, romantic vibe and is run by an extremely welcoming staff.


Pueblo Querido Coffee Shop in Greenpoint, BrooklynImage from @PuebloQuerido

Pueblo Querido Coffee Roasters 
698 Manhattan Avenue 
Greenpoint, Brooklyn
Weekdays 7a-5p
Sat 7:30a-7p
Sun 8a-6p

Pueblo Querido coffee roasters is a cafe serving espresso drinks and Colombian snacks like arepas, patacones, pan de bonos, madeleines, and more traditional pastry treats. The space is large and lively with a bright airy seating area.



Eleva Coffee Shop in Greenpoint, Brooklyn

Image from @eleva

7 Bell Slip 
Greenpoint, Brooklyn
7:15-5p Saturday-Thursday
7:15-10p Fridays 

Eleva is a secret gem in the northern most part of Greenpoint. Locals gather in this airy mid-century modern space. In addition to espresso drinks, Eleva serves croissants, bagels, smoothies and sandwiches. On Friday evenings the cafe stays open late and serves cocktails.



Cafe Alula in Greenpoint, Brooklyn

Image from @cafealula

Cafe Alula 
262 Franklin Street 
Greenpoint, Brooklyn
Weekends 8a-6p
Weekdays 7a-6p

Cafe Alula is a pretty destination for a simple coffee and then some. The inviting space serves Lebanese inspired light fare perfect for breakfast or lunch. In addition, Alula serves traditional pastries.



Bakeri Coffee Shop in Greenpoint, Brooklyn

Image from @bakeri

105 Freeman Street
Greenpoint, Brooklyn 
Weekends 8-6p
Weekdays 7-6p

Bakeri’s second location is just as charming as the original in Williamsburg, if not more so. Known for it’s delicious homemade pastries and breads, Bakeri also serves croissant sandwiches and simple egg dishes. And of course….the coffee is spot on.



Sippy Cup Coffee Shop Greenpoint Brooklyn

Image from @idosimyoni

Sippy Cafe
200 Franklin Street 
Greenpoint, Brooklyn
Weekends, 8a-5p
Week days, 8a-4p

Sippy Cafe is a small cafe with a clean and bright decor. You’ll find Japanese breakfast sandwiches, traditional pastries and superb coffee and tea. Sippy’s has a unique offering of cold latte drinks.


Greta Cafe in Greenpoint BrooklynImage from @MarMar

204 Nassau Avenue
Greenpoint, Brooklyn 
Daily 8a-3p

Neighborhood favorite, Greta Coffee Shop serves coffee from Ethiopia, Rwanda, and Mexico, all roasted in Brooklyn. The lite menu includes breakfast, salad, and soups making this a perfect spot to spend the morning. 

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