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Plant + Garden Shops

Plant + Garden Shops

There is nothing like shopping at a plant shop to make you feel like you are truly part of a neighborhood. Similarly, there is nothing like having plants to warm up and bring some life to your home. Luckily there have been a number of new plant stores in Williamsburg and Greenpoint over the past few years!

Jungle NYC: Plant and Garden Store in Williamsburg, BrooklynImage from Jungle NYC

Shop: Jungle NYC
Address: 145 Wythe Ave, Williamsburg, Brooklyn
Hours: Wednesday-Sunday, 12p-7p
Website: https://jungle.nyc
Instagram: @itsjunglenyc
Description: Jungle NYC allows you to search plants by the environment in which it is going such as low light, desert vibe, easy car, hanging, and more. Jungle sells a wide array of whimsical planters. In addition to being a plant nursery, Jungle offers design services for special events, offices, residences, and retail stores. Jungle will do the installation and provide an ongoing plant care service.

Geometry Gardens Plant Shop in Williamsburg, BrooklynImage from Geometry Gardens

 Shop: Geometry Gardens
Address: 44 + 48 Grand Street, Williamsburg, Brooklyn
Hours: Tuesday - Sunday 11a-7p
Website: https://geometrygardenshop.com
Instagram: @geometrygardens
Description: Geometry Gardens consists of two separate store locations, which are side by side. Geometry Gardens garden tools, books, apothecary, terrariums, planters, crystals, decor, and scents as well as plants. There is also an outdoor nursery with a small selection of plants. Unique to Geometry Gardens is their beautiful selection of floral arrangements and vases. Geometry Gardens offers workshops, design, and maintenance services.

The Sill Garden and Plant Store in Williamsburg, BrooklynImage from the Sill 

Shop: The Sill
Address: 190 Berry Street, Williamsburg, Brooklyn
Hours: Monday-Thursday 12p-7p, Friday-Sunday 11a-7p
Website: https://www.the sill.com
Instagram: @thesill
Description: Prior to opening brick and mortar locations, The Sill was an instagram sensation in the plant world. The Sill sells potting supplies, grow lights, planters, decor, garden tools, and of course…plants! The Sill sells DIY floral kits at various price points. The Sill offers free shipping on all plants and planters and they offer a 30-day happiness guarantee. The Sill offers six free online courses of plant care fundamentals.


Crest Garden Center in Williamsburg, BrooklynImage from Crest Hardware 

Shop: Crest Hardware & Urban Garden Center
Address: 558 Metropolitan Ave, Williamsburg, Brooklyn
Hours: Daily 10a-7p
Website: https://www.cresthardwarenyc.com
Instagram: @cresthardware
Description: Head to the rear of Crest Hardware and you will find a 5000 square foot oasis, which includes a greenhouse and back yard garden full  of plants, tools, and garden accessories. Crest has an assortment of balcony accessories and window planters. Crest is a staple in the Williamsburg neighborhood, offering lots of support to their neighborhood. Have a visit for their great plant supply, or to pay a visit to their resident parrot and pig! Last but not least, Crest is the best place in Brooklyn to purchase a Christmas tree! Crest offers affordable local delivery. 

 Chelsea Garden Center Plant Shop in Williamsburg, BrooklynImage from Chelsea Garden Center

Shop: Chelsea Garden Center
Address: 87 Havemeyer St, Williamsburg, Brooklyn
Hours: Tuesday-Sunday 10a-7p
Website: https://www.Chelseagarden center.com
Instagram: @chelseagardencenter
Description: Chelsea Garden Center delivers to Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens. They are known for their affordable prices and wide selection of plants, trees, herbs, veggies, planters, and garden supplies and tools. Chelsea Garden Center is another great place to purchase a Christmas tree!

 Pollyn Plant and Garden Store in Williamsburg, BrooklynImage from Pollyn

Shop: Pollyn
Address: 115 Broadway, Williamsburg, Brooklyn
Hours: Tuesday - Sunday 11a-7p
Website: https://www.pollyn.nyc
Instagram: @pollyn.nyc
Description: Pollyn is located in a vacant building lot therefore is closed during the winter months. If you were wondering who planted hundreds of wild flowers in the George B. Post Plaza, Williamsburg…it was Pollyn who is passionate about beautifying community space. Pollyn sells plants, planters, and decor. The Pollyn shop is run on solar energy and is keen about spreading environmental awareness to the plant community. Pollyn is known for their biodegradable nursery pots.


Greenery Unlimited Plant and Garden Store in Greenpoint, Brooklyn
Image from Greenery Unlimited

Shop: Greenery Unlimited
Address: 91 West Street, Greenpoint, Brooklyn
Hours: Tuesday-Friday 12p-7p, Saturday 11a-7p, and Sunday 12p-6p
Website: https://greeneryunlimited.co
Instagram: @greeneryunlimited
Description: Greenery Unlimited is a mammoth garden center that sells plants, tools, accessories as well as offers services such as design, installations, and green walls. Unique to Greenery Unlimited, they create and sell growing systems that are almost self-sustaining including self watering planters to automated gravity fed irrigation systems. The Greenery Unlimited website maintains an extensive plant care database that includes general advice and instructions for plant care. Lastly, Greenery Unlimited offers a weekly plant care package service which includes watering, pruning, cleaning, fertilization, disease management, and emergency visits.


Tend Greenpoint Plant and Garden Shop in Greenpoint, Brooklyn Image from Tend Greenpoint

Shop: Tend Greenpoint
Address: 252 Franklin St #1L, Greenpoint, Brooklyn
Hours: Monday-Friday 11a-7p, Saturday and Sunday 10a-7p
Website: https://www.tendgreenpoint.com
Instagram: @tendgreenpoint
Description: Tend specializes in small space gardening. Tend is especially friendly in catering to beginner gardeners. Tend has an indoor shop and outdoor yard filled with plants, containers, tools, home decor, and gifts. Tend offers in-shop potting for your new plant purchase. Tend has a large, modern planter assortment. Tend has a helpful blog full of plant care tips, advice and features of local gardeners and makers.


Tula House Plant and Garden Shop in Greenpoint, BrooklynImage from Tula House

Shop: Tula House
Address: 59 Meserole St, Greenpoint, Brooklyn
Hours: Tuesday-Sunday 11a-6p
Website: https://www.tula.house
Instagram: @tulahouse
Description: Tula was initially started as a plant truck and is run by spouses, Christian Summers and Ivan Martinez. At Tula you will find plants, garden tools, soils, and planters. Tula creates custom mixers soil for your specific plants’ needs! Tula offers $11.99 shipping to the continental U.S.A. Addresses. If you live nearby, Tula can hand deliver in Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens on Wednesdays and Fridays from 1p-8p.


Horti Plant and Garden Shop in Greenpoint, BrooklynImage from Horti

Shop: horti
Address: 70 Eckford St, Greenpoint, Brooklyn
Hours: Monday-Thursday 11a-5p, Friday to Sunday 12p-5p
Website: https://heyhorti.com
Instagram: @heyhorti
Description: horti is not just a plant shop, but also a welcoming space to obtain plant advice, troubleshooting, or simply enjoying their collection. Horti offers a plant subscription service, which starts with hard-to-kill plants and later more exotic plants along with instructions providing an opportunity to develop your green thumb. Unique to horti is that they offer Plant Insurance, which includes personalized advice. For an upgrade you can also get a replacement plant if one cannot be saved!


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