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What More Can We Do?

What More Can We Do?

I've signed countless MoveOn.org petitions.  I've written postcards and sent emails to my Senators.  I've called my Congressman.  I participated in the Women's March.  I wrote to our President.  I've written to Senator Rubio regarding his vote on Rex Tillerson.  

My friends and I have been questioning, 'What more can we do?' I happen to live in a state with wonderful Senators, so writing and calling will further affirm views that these elected officials already have.  But how is it possible to make an impact on people who might have opposing views?

PETITIONS~We do not yet know how the Trump Administration will respond to petitions, however we do know that The White House has policy to review any petition that garners >100,000 signatures within 30 days. Even if The White House does not reply, you are more likely to get a response from Media and Press with fast moving petitions.  Add the four websites below to your bookmark tabs and add a 'Petition' reminder to your e-calendar!

The White House



Care2 Petitions


VOTE~It seems obvious, but get out and vote!  Look up your state's election calendar and enter relevant voting dates into your calendar.  Make necessary arrangements in advance so you won't have any conflicts when voting day comes.  Do any research ahead of time on issues or candidates so you are confident in your vote.


SUPPORT A GROUP~My favorite expression these days is "We is greater than Me".  Think about what it is you're passionate about (Black Lives Matter, LGBTQ rights, Climate Change, Women's Rights, etc). No matter what the cause, there is most likely a group in place already and you you'll be more effective as PART of that group than fighting the battle alone.  Below are some resources to locate a activist group to join:

Social Justice Organizations  

Activist Resource 

Meet Up Groups 


CONTACT YOUR LEGISLATORS~They are working for you after all, and if they are not acting or voting the way you'd like them to, make your voice be heard.  A friend and I have been discussing which is more impactful, a call or email.  She said to call and The New York Times strongly agrees! That being said, do not give up on writing those letters!  There is something to be said for leaving a written trail, so in addition to calling I will continue to email and write.  Also to note, call legislators not only in your home state, but those in states that are making decisions with which you do not agree.  The organizers of The Women's March have provided postcards to print at home if you want to send a unified message.

Elected Official Finder 

Senator Contact List 

Find Member of Congress 


I do not take for granted the freedom and rights that I have as an American, and I look forward to being a more active Citizen.  Please share your thoughts on how you are becoming more active, or ways you suggest that we can make a difference!!


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