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Women's Clothing Made in America

Women's Clothing Made in America

Women's clothing Made in America is a growing list!  This American Made Clothes for Her list is constantly growing. If you have a brand of Clothing for Her that's Made in USA, please email us!  BTW, we've updated our American Made clothing short-list, now that American Apparel is out of the picture. 

Assembly Made in America Women's Clothing

Company: Assembly New York
Based: New York, NY
Description: Grounded in concise materials, tradition and future-primitive details the garments are sewn and vertically produced in New York City.
Sources: The collection is made in New York City where the materials are specified, however an improvement to transparency would be to include the source of each fabric for each item.
Social Responsibility: There is an importance placed on using local manufacturing.
Shop: Assembly New York

Christy Dawn American Made dresses made from deadstock fabric

Company: Christy Dawn
Based: Los Angeles, CA
Description: A vintage inspired dress line made out of deadstock fabrics, that is known for quality and craftsmanship. Every Christy Dawn piece is made by local artisans in Downtown Los Angeles, sewn with longevity in mind. Christy Dawn’s way of doing business closely resembles that of a dressmaker living in Placerville, CA a hundred years ago.
Sources: The collection is made without using any new fabrics; deadstock fabrics are carefully sourced and re-purposed to create the line.
Social Responsibility: Deadstock fabrics are used to minimize their environmental footprint.
Shop: Christy Dawn

Company: Colorant
Based: Beacon, NY
Description: Only natural dyes are used on Colorants knits and silks, all made in the USA, which are extracted from renewable resources offering a more sustainable option for the textile industry.
Sources: As their Shopping feature launches, we hope and suggest Colorant will denote the exact source of both the material and dye of each item for full transparency.
Social Responsibility: 100% natural colors, dyed and manufactured in the USA.
Shop: Colorant

Curator Made in America Dress
Company: Curator
Based: San Francisco, CA
Description: A fashion line that both produces quality garments to minimize waste.
Sources: Materials are listed, however to improve transparency we suggest to list the source of each fabric.
Social Responsibility: Whenever possible, Curator uses organic fabrics in their designs.
Shop: Curator

Company: Esby
Based: Austin, TX
Description: Well made clothes to wear day in and day out. High quality fabrics are sourced world-wide to fit and flatter with an emphasis on comfort and wearability.
Sources: Designed in Austin and produced in Los Angeles and Dallas using fabrics sourced world-wide. An improvement in transparency would be to notate from where each piece of fabric was sourced.
Social Responsibility: Esby is committed to using the highest quality fabrics as possible and US production.
Shop: Esby 


Company: Hackwith Design House
Based: Los Angeles, CA
Description: Hackwith Design House started in 2013 and is known for their simple, timeless, clean aesthetic.  They believe in using the highest quality fabrics and giving impeccable attention to detail.  Hackwith Design House creates every day dresses, swimwear, bridal wear and a Plus line.   They continue to release and offer limited edition designs in addition to their standard offering as tribute to their beginnings, which was purely a limited edition collection at first.  
Sources: We'd like to see the specific country of origin disclosed for each fabric instead of their blanket statement, "Made in USA with Imported fabrics" 
Social Responsibility: Supports local community


Company: Flynn Skye
Based: California
Description: For the young, fun, conscious consumer, Flynn Skye is a feminine, flowy line that is made that won't cost you an arm and a leg.  Flynn Skye is especially known for their free-spirited dresses.   This line is designed in Venice, California and all made in Los Angeles, California.
Sources: Everything is made in America, however we'd like to see the origin of fabric disclosed for each item in addition to material content as an opportunity for improvement.
Social Responsibility: Supports US business
Shop: Flynn Skye


Company: Groceries Apparel
Based: Los Angeles, CA
Description: Groceries Apparel makes a large collection of stylish clothing in their own factory, using the most progressive eco-friendly materials in the marketplace.
Sources: Groceries Apparel uses non-toxic ingredients that are either organic or recycled. They are fully transparent about the source of every single item made in their assortment!
Social Responsibility: Passionate about using 100% organic and recycled materials.
Shop: Groceries Apparel

 Jungmaven hemp cut and sewn in America

Company: Jungmaven
Based: Los Angeles, CA
Description: Jungmaven is passionate about using hemp to make their clothes. Hemp farming cleans the air, water and nourishes the land helping mitigate climate change. Here's more on how hemp does this! 
Shop:  Jungmaven


Company: LIAM of York
Based: Brooklyn, NY
Description: A slow fashion clothing line that celebrates ancient textile techniques through a modern point of view.
Sources: For improved transparency, we suggest adding the source of each fabric to each item.
Social Responsibility: Rebecca Wolsten celebrates slow fashion and ancient techniques by hand assembling the LIAM of York collection.
Shop: Liam of York



Company: Love Tanjane
Based: Ojai, CA
Description: Love Tanjane is a feminine collection made in Ojai, California using natural fabrics.
Sources: An improvement to transparency would be to denote the source of fabric for each item.
Social Responsibility: Passionate about hand making each piece using low impact dies.
Shop: Love Tanjane



Company: Loup Charmant
Based: Brooklyn, NY
Description: High quality, all natural materials create romantic staples in a woman's summer, beach and bedtime wardrobe.
Sources: Cut and sewn in NYC of organic cotton. An improvement in transparency would be to add the fabric's country of origin.
Social Responsibility: Sustainable materials used.
Shop: Loup Charmant


Make It Good apparel

Company: Make It Good
Based: Portland, OR
Description: Make It Good creates artistically directed apparel with hand printed details from their own small factory in Portland, OR.
Sources: Make It Good sources high-quality materials in the USA, and handcrafts them in-house into clothing that lasts. To improve transparency, we recommend adding fabric sources to those that are missing in addition to fabric content.
Social Responsibility: Make It Good is passionate about using high-quality materials and handcrafting them in the USA.
Shop: Make It Good


Marie Hell made in America clothing

Company: Marie Hell
Based: NY, NY
Description: Marie Hell is a minimal clothing brand made in the USA that supports the slow fashion movement. They specialize in making sustainable, edgy classics from everyday wear to special occasions for women of every age.
Sources: Marie Hell uses fabrics made from wood pulp milled in California using Bluesign-certified fabric dyeing process. The manufacturing is done in New York City. To improve transparency, we recommend adding the source of fabric to each item.
Social Responsibility: Marie Hell supports the slow fashion movement by maintaining ethical manufacturing standards.
Shop: Marie Hell

American Made women's clothing

Company: Micaela Greg
Based: San Francisco, CA
Description: Micaela Greg is a knitwear label founded by San Francisco based sisters, Marie and Karen Potesta. The collection is comprised of super soft knits that emphasize impeccable craft, and timeless modernity while capturing a lighthearted downtown attitude.
Sources: The collection is made in the US, using fine Italian yarns. An improvement to transparency would be to denote the source of fabric for each item.
Social Responsibility: There is an importance placed on working with local knitters and seamstresses, drawing on their expertise while supporting local industries and art forms.
Shop: Micaela Greg


Company: Miranda Bennett Studio
Based: Austin, TX
Description: Miranda Bennett Studio is a lovely line for women who care about style, want to look good, but do not necessarily care to follow trends.  Miranda Bennett Studio uses natural dyes for their textiles and makes everything in-house in their Austin, Texas studio.  The line uses one-size-fits-most and uses premium, natural fabrics.  Miranda Bennett believes in creating clothes that can be worn from day to evening and for many seasons. 
Sources: everything is cut, sewn and dyed in America, however we'd like to see the country of origin disclosed on each piece of fabric in addition to materials used. 
Social Responsibility: Plant dyed apparel. Passionate about supporting local artisans.


Otis and Maclain American made women's clothing

Company: Otis and Maclain
Based: Los Angeles, CA
Description: Vintage lovers have created an effortless, ageless collection of lovely pieces that can be worn day to night and season after season. Designed, produced and shipped out of Southern California.
Sources: For improved transparency, we suggest adding the source of each fabric to each item.
Social Responsibility: Committed to supporting US production
Shop: Otis and Maclain 


Plante Made in America clothes

Company: Plante
Based: NY, NY
Description: Plante draws on nature’s wildness, glamour, and beauty—blankets of kudzu flanking the highway, courtyard gardens redolent of tea olive, ancient oak trees draped in moss. Each of their collections explores one specific natural element that inspires the sister's that create the line.
Sources: To improve transparency, we recommend adding fabric and source of fabric to each item.
Social Responsibility: Plante is committed to eco friendly practices. Garments are made in New York City. They reduce waste by abstaining from over cuts, and donate their extra material to educational nonprofits.
Shop: Plante


Company: Rachel Comey
Based: NYC, NY
Description: The Rachel Comey line was launched in 2004 as a mens collection.  The line is known for "artful custom textiles, graceful modern silhouettes, her work is said to be designed for real women, like herself with strong opinions, big aspirations and a view to the world that is at once radical and romantic."  Rachel's online shop can be sorted by Occasion such as: Travel, Night, Work or Summer Friday.
Sources: Everything but the shoes is made in America, however misleading language is being used on the website that should be changed.  "Origin" should be saved for speaking of country of origin on a fabric. Rachel Comey denotes the material type and then states "Origin: USA" on all items, which makes it seem like the fabric comes from USA, when they mean that it was cut and sewn there.  
Social Responsibility: Supports US manufacturing.
Shop: Rachel Comey


Company: Reformation
Based: California
Description: American made manufacturing company in California that provides transparency around the environmental footprint of each purchase, or prospective purchase.  They use fabrics that are not as harmful to the environment such as upcycled, vintage, lower impact materials.  Reformation is a direct-to-consumer company, which means they can keep costs down to the end consumer.  
Sources: We'd like to see where each item is made and the country of origin for materials of each piece as an opportunity for improvement.
Social Responsibility: Passionate about protecting the environment
Shop: Reformation



Company: The Row
Based: NYC, NY
Description: Although The Row seems like a clothing company that has been around for 20 years, being run by someone whose been in the fashion industry for 40 years, it was actually started in 2006 by Ashly and Mary-Kate Olsen.  By 2012 the Council of Fashion Designers of America named them 'Designers of the Year'.  The brand describes themselves aptly as reflecting, "a sense of relaxed and timeless elegance, focusing on fine fabrics and the perfect fit."  The Row specifically supports high-end manufacturing in the United States.  
Sources: everything is made in America, however we'd like to see the fabric source disclosed for each item for sale as an opportunity for improvement.
Social Responsibility: Supporting US manufacturing
Shop: The Row


Shaina Mote made in America clothing

Company: Shaina Mote
Based: Los Angeles, CA
Description: The Shaina Mote collection provides versatile and timeless staples for the distinctive, modern woman. The perennial core collection strips down to the absolute basics and is meant to round out the wardrobe. The Shaina Mote woman eschews reign of the trend in favor of timeless self-expression.
Sources: To improve transparency, we recommend Shaina Mote adds the source of fabric to each item.
Social Responsibility: Shaina Mote's dedication to fair, American-made production stands at the forefront of what they do and how they do it. From the beginning, Shaina Mote has supported the local economy and has nurtured the trades and skills found within domestic garment manufacturing.
Shop: Shaina Mote

Study NY Made in America Clothing

Company: Study NY
Based: NY, NY
Description: Study NY is defined by conceptual design & sustainability. They want to challenge preconceived ideas of fashion and design.
Sources: Study NY is an example of how manufacturers could and should display all information, from fiber to manufacturing, about each product.
Social Responsibility: Study NY cuts & sews collections domestically using both ethical fabrics and production methods. Study NY wants to be as transparent as possible and are vocal about their choice to use sustainable and ethical design principles.
Shop: Study NY  


Company: Whit
Based: NY, NY
Description: Whit is a modern women's brand, known for vibrant colors and prints, made in the United States.
Sources: For improved transparency, we suggest adding the source of each fabric to each item.
Social Responsibility: The Whit collection supports local manufacturing in NYC.
Shop: Whit

Winsome clothing made in America

Company: Winsome Goods
Based: Minneapolis, MN
Description: Winsome Goods is a line of women’s clothing designed, sampled and produced under one roof by a small team of people. Their mission is to create timeless and sustainable garments that do not adhere closely to a specific trend. Winsome is made to fit a range of body shapes and styles.
Sources: All of their materials are either natural, including silk, wool, and linen, or synthetics sourced only as recycled or deadstock.
Social Responsibility: Since all of their product is produced in their own studio, Winsome Goods is able to cut down on the wasted materials and resources in transportation. Even the fabrics Winsome Goods uses are selected based on sustainability and ease of care.
Shop: Winsome 


Company: Zero + Maria Cornejo
Based: NYC, NY
Description: A true trailblazer in the local movement, Zero + Maria Cornejo opened in 1998 with "a commitment to make desirable fashion for real women that lasts beyond a single season and become cherished items in a woman's wardrobe."  Zero + Maria Cornejo is a sophisticated line; that is simple at the same time, sometimes referred to as a modern take on luxury.  Since the start, the company has been dedicated to the local economy and the environment.  
Sources: Everything is made in America, and Zero + Maria has included the fabric, and in many cases the origin of each fabric. For improved transparency, they can continue to add the fabric origin for any remaining items.
Social Responsibility: Everything is made in America, however we'd like to see the fabric source disclosed for each item for sale as an opportunity for improvement.



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Jan 25, 2018

Rahcel Comey is seriously my fav. She has a shoe collection too…where are those items manufactureed…i mean i would still buy them but it makes her things so much more appealing knowing that they are made in US.

Jul 14, 2017

Nicely curated list Made Lokal. I found some really interesting newbies! Just purchased a Shaina Mote…thx!!!!

Nancy B.
Jun 22, 2017


Jun 15, 2017

You can find Made in America brands at Anthropologie and UO if you look through the tags!


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