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Denim Jeans for Her Made in USA

Denim Jeans for Her Made in USA

When you think of an all-American piece of clothing, do you think of denim?   Buying American made jeans can be tricky since for many of us since finding a pair of jeans that actually fits eliminates 90% of what is out there.  Hoping this list of the best Made in USA denim brands will help! 

3x1 denim jeans made in America

Company: 3x1
Based: New York, NY
Description: Select a pair of stylish jeans in a variety of cuts, with the ability to select the specific type of fabric used, or have 3x1 make you the ultimate luxury jean: a handmade, fitted and designed pair just for you. 3x1's factory is behind glass in the center of their Soho store.  3x1 makes jeans for men and women.
Sources: At 3x1, you have the ability to select which fabric is used in making your jeans and they always have the fabric source listed.
Social Responsibility: 3x1 supports high quality, local manufacturing and full transparency in manufacturing.
Shop: 3x1


6397 denim jeans made in America

Company: 6397
Based: New York, NY
Description: 6397 is a ready to wear collection that is inspired by American sportswear familiar to all of us. Each season it plays with the idea of classics and re-interprets them, celebrating the spirit of individuality and community – with a special nod to youth and counterculture.
Sources: 6397 lists fabric details on some items. To increase transparency, we suggest including fabric details on every item and adding the fabric source to each listing.
Social Responsibility: 6397 supports local manufacturing.
Shop: 6397 


AYR denim made in America

Company: AYR
Based: New York, NY
Description: Founded by a group of women who believe good design belongs to everyone, for everyday life. AYR stands for All Year Round. They design a line of essential clothes in their NYC studio and delivery direct to consumer.  Our jeans are made in LA, and we refuse to compromise on quality.
Sources: AYR lists the fabric of each item when you click on 'What's it like'. To increase transparency, we suggest to add from where each fabric is sourced.
Social Responsibility: AYR makes their jeans in Los Angeles
Shop: AYR 


Baldwin made in American denim jeans

Company: BALDWIN
Based: Kansas City, MO
Description: Matt Baldwin had been running a successful boutique in Kansas City when he realized there was an opportunity for American-made premium denim, which his customers were looking for. People longed for a denim line that was sophisticated with modern fits, but embodied all the authenticity and honesty of classic American style. Using the best fabric mills, wash houses, and craftsmanship in the world, BALDWIN elevates classic American style in a way that is both earnest and easy to wear. BALDWIN is for the individual that cares about every textile, every stitch, every seam.
Sources: Baldwin does list the fabric they use for each item. To increase transparency, we suggest they also add from where each fabric was sourced.
Social Responsibility: Baldwin is committed to using the best fabric mills, wash houses, and craftsmanship, while keeping production in the USA all the while.
Shop: Baldwin Denim 


FRAME womens clothing

Company: FRAME
Based: California, USA
Description: FRAME is known for its coveted denim classics, American craftsmanship and devoted customers. FRAME jeans are available for men and women in every imaginable fit.
Sources: FRAME jeans are cut and sewn in the USA, using imported materials. To improve transparency, FRAME could list their fabric sources on each item.
Social Responsibility: FRAME supports US manufacturing.
Shop: Frame 


Genetic Jeans worn by Ally Walsh

Company: GENETIC
Based: Los Angeles, CA
Description: GENETIC strives to create stunning jeans that fit and flatter all body types to perfection. They also want to do more for their community, country and their customers. Their goal is to ethically make beautiful, premium jeans and sell them at a fair price.
Sources: In 2016 GENETIC started manufacturing all denim in-house. As an opportunity to improve transparency, we recommend notating this on each item and specifying from where each fabric is sourced.
Social Responsibility: Their mission is to ethically make jeans at a fair price and to do this they stopped outsourcing production and created a recycling program to reduce textile waste.
Shop: Genetic 


Imogene + Willie made in America denim jeans

Company: Imogene + Willie
Based: Nashville, TN
Description: Imogene + Willie has the best story in retail: one of being broke, in love, full of talent + hope and a vision that epitomizes the American Dream.
Sources: Everything is made in America out of either fabric from North Carolina or Japan.
Social Responsibility: Passionate about USA production and every single item they sell shows transparency of origin. Imogene + Willie has a repair program to extend the life of your jeans.
Shop: Imogene + Willie 


Mother denim jeans made in America 

Company: Mother
Based: Los Angeles, CA
Description: Famous for its super-soft fabrics and irreverent attitude, Mother is unique for its genius in keeping an indie spirit while still offering fits and washes that appeal to a wide range of women. The brand pushes technological boundaries when it comes to soft denim.
Sources: Mother lists the fabric used in each pair of jeans. To improve transparency,they could add the source of each fabric.
Social Responsibility: Mother supports the slow, made local movement.
Shop: Mother 



 Paige American Made Denim Jeans

Company: Paige
Based: Los Angeles, CA
Description: Paige was founded by Paige Adams-Geller, a former Miss California who became a fashion industry muse. Paige became the denim industry's first female founder and has a commitment to quality and passion for creating men and women jean products her customers will live in. Paige only partners with the best wash-houses in the country.
Sources: Paige notates the fabric used, but to improve transparency, we suggest to add the source of each fabric.
Social Responsibility: Paige is committed to local manufacturing as well as supporting the following charitable organizations: NEDA (National Eating Disorders of America), RAINN (Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network), The Rape Foundation, The Rape Treatment Center, and Stuart House.
Shop: Paige 


rag & bone american made denim jeans

Company: rag & bone
Based: NY, NY
Description: With a downtown sensibility, signature clean silhouettes and an inherent integrity,rag & bone has become synonymous with wearable clothing that melds classic tailoring. Inspired by a desire to create beautifully constructed clothes, rag & bone prides itself in the time-honored techniques of supremely skilled, local manufacturers at some of the oldest factories in the country. The importance of quality, expert craftsmanship and attention to detail resonated deeply, informing the brand’s core philosophy.
Sources: rag & bone does list the materials used and at times from where each was sourced. An improvement in transparency would be to list the origin of fabric on every item and/or the addition of it's origin.
Social Responsibility: rag & bone is committed to supporting local manufacturing.
Shop: rag & bone 

Raleigh Denim Workshop made in America jeans

Company: Raleigh Denim
Based: Raleigh, NC
Description: Husband and wife team, Victor Lytvinenko and Sarah Yarborough started Raleigh Denim Workshop in 2007 in their hometown, Raleigh, NC. They learned the history and techniques of traditional american jeans making through a series of informal apprenticeships with former factory workers, pattern makers, and mechanics throughout the state.
Sources: Raleigh Denim lists the fabric of each item. To increase transparency, we suggest Raleigh Denim add from where each fabric was sourced.
Social Responsibility: Raleigh Denim jeans, collection and accessories are all produced in the USA.
Shop: Raleigh Denim 


While we love what the companies above are doing, we'd love to see more information surrounding the origin of fabrics as an improvement in transparency, which we hold as the highest criterion.   Makers do not have to be perfect in their sourcing, however conscious consumers do especially appreciate when they are honest and transparent. 


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