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Noelle Lynne Showcases Sustainable Brands through Florum Magazine

Noelle Lynne Showcases Sustainable Brands through Florum Magazine

In 2012 Noelle started Florum Fashion Magazine to further the movement towards a more eco-conscious way of fashion and beauty.  Noelle believes that environmental awareness is the key and she uses Florum Magazine to inspire change. Noelle introduces her readers to sustainable brands and products, while having fun and looking good all the while.  And by the way...Florum takes reader submissions so here's calling all conscious creatives! Contact Noelle with your submission pitch!

ML Dreams: Noelle Lynne, San Francisco, CA, Founder & Editor-in-Chief of Florum Fashion Magazine

MADE LOKAL: Explain Florum's mission.
FLORUM MAGAZINE: Florum's mission to is to promote a Green Lifestyle that includes Green Fashion, Green Beauty, and Green Travel. We do not believe that to be 'Green' you must change everything in your life; our goal is to show our readers exactly how easy it is to take the FIRST step towards a Green Lifestyle. I am very excited as we are about to launch Green Baby. My oldest sister Nicole just had the most precious baby this past September. Discovering mini organic clothes has been the most fun (lately) and I cannot wait to share all these brands with all the Green Mothers out there.

MADE LOKAL: How and why did you start Florum?
FLORUM MAGAZINE: I started Florum a little over 4.5 years ago when I found out that the fashion industry was the 2nd most environmentally damaging industry to our home Mother Earth, I couldn't believe that all the clothes, shoes, purses, and jewelry I loved were only trailing behind the oil & gas industry. I was astounded with this news and about a month later, I launched Florum.

MADE LOKAL: Did you found Florum with your sister?
FLORUM MAGAZINE: I did not found Florum with my sister, however both my sisters have been great support throughout Florum's existence.

MADE LOKAL: Who is on the founding team?
FLORUM MAGAZINE: The only member of Florum who has been there from Florum's launch is our head photographer Stephen Sun. I can't thank him enough for the vital support and contributions he has brought to Florum. Without Stephen, Florum wouldn't be where it is today. Stephen's website is www.stephen-sun.com.

MADE LOKAL: What are the criteria products must meet to be included in Florum?
FLORUM MAGAZINE: Because Florum's mission is to help promote the 'Green Lifestyle' and really show both our readers and those who discover us, just how easy it is to be green, we actually have a wide variety of criteria that products can fit into Florum. Products should fit into at least ONE of the following:

Locally Made
Artisan Crafted
Made in USA
Natural (if organic certifications may not apply)
Fair Trade

For some hardcore 'green activists' we may not be the magazine or platform for them. However for the majority of the individuals who come across Florum, many do not yet realize that being green can be both easy and affordable. I hope Florum can be a platform of discovery and inspiration, where our readers feel at home and find themselves coming back too.

MADE LOKAL: Besides Florum, what magazines do you enjoy?
FLORUM MAGAZINE: Purple Magazine is my bible.

MADE LOKAL: Every work day to be so different for you...do you have any rituals in your day?
FLORUM MAGAZINE: Throughout both work and traveling, the one ritual that stays the same for me is meditation. Daily meditation has been a long journey of self discovery, that has taught me to take time for myself each day without distraction. Today I can't imagine a life without meditation, as I know that without this ritual for myself I will get sidetracked and in turn lose balance in both work and my life. Since launching Florum four years ago and working for myself, I have learned how important balance is and that it is the key to keeping myself focused.

MADE LOKAL: How do you decide what you'll be working on each day?
FLORUM MAGAZINE: Working for myself, this can sometimes be difficult and I will admit that I often get overwhelmed with new information and new green brands. To keep myself on track I have started to allocate my time each day of the week onto a different focus or subject. I have come to realize that answering an email right away is not a priority and can cause one to be sidetracked. Today I spend an average of one hour per day answering emails and from this I have found that my time and work has become more productive. It is also very easy to start daydreaming away with ideas, I almost always have a journal with me for anything I start thinking about and if for some reason I don't have my journal, I will make a note in notes my phone.

MADE LOKAL: What do you do to "turn off" work mode? How difficult is this for you?
FLORUM MAGAZINE: I have mentioned that balance has been a struggle for me, and because of this I have gone through times where I have struggled with turning on or off work mode. However, as social media has become a bigger part of Florum, the true time I 'turn off' work mode is when I have no internet and cell phone service.

MADE LOKAL: What is Florum Magazine's publishing schedule?
FLORUM MAGAZINE: When we first launched in 2012, Florum was also available in print. After about a year I realized this was not green or cost efficient for our readers, and switched to an online only magazine. Florum now publishes new content on our website as often as possible. For those reading Florum (or interested) we encourage them to check www.FlorumFashion.com weekly for new articles and editorials.

MADE LOKAL: Have you gotten to know any of your readers?
FLORUM MAGAZINE: A few of our readers have become vital resources whom I can ask for feedback and advice. The readers of Florum are the backbone and without them, Florum wouldn't exist. I constantly look for feedback, thoughts and opinions from all of our readers. If any of them are reading this and want to contribute their thoughts, I encourage them to email me at bonjour@florumfashion.com.

MADE LOKAL: What is your dream for Florum Magazine?
FLORUM MAGAZINE: My dream with Florum is to create awareness in the consumer, shopper, or individual who doesn't think being 'Green' is for them. To me if I can help lead people down the path of awareness I consider this a victory, especially when the average woman only wears a piece of clothing seven times before throwing it away or never wearing it again.  

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With the advent of companies like Copass, Remote Year, Nomad-A-What and Co-Working Visa, writers and freelancers can now work remotely from any corner of the world.  You may have noticed that Noelle is based in San Francisco, but is often working and traveling across the globe! So whether you're in California or Cameroon, connect with Noelle to collaborate!



Image of Noelle courtesy of Dani Oshi Photography, Brussels, Belgium.  Images above courtesy of Florum Magazine.


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