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Most Stylish American Made Fall Shoes: Flats + Boots

Most Stylish American Made Fall Shoes: Flats + Boots

In my hunt for grey flats, I found these lovely pink flats, pictured above by Osborn Shoes that I am still swooning over.  If I had only found them earlier when my size was available!  Osborn sells handmade in Brooklyn, fairly traded shoes often incorporating upcycled textiles.

American Made shoes can be hard to find, but definitely possible.  I'd love to take the hunt out of your shoe shopping by presenting some beautiful fall shoe and boot options below. By supporting local manufacturers and the suppliers that buy from them, we can help ensure local shoe production continues into the years ahead. 

In the 1960's, the USA made 98% of its shoes.  According to the United States International Trade Commission, "American made shoes supplied 1.5% of the U.S. footwear market in 2014."  

Company: Sydney Brown
When American Retail  first introduced us to Sydney Brown we went to shoe heaven.  Not only does Sydney Brown manufacture in the USA, but they also aim to create a cradle to cradle product. 

Sydney Brown American Made Shoes

Company: Nicora Shoes
As if making shoes in the USA wasn't challenging enough, Nicora Shoes makes it their mission to make Vegan shoes too!  My favorite was a slip on boot available in camel and black...get yours quick!  

Nicora Boots American Made

Company: Sbicca
The Sbicca brand is known for hand-crafting affordable shoes in their Los Angeles factory for over 90 years.  I liked these, with the indigenous beading down the side.  They offer many plain styles, like these below.

Sbicca Shoes American MadeSbicca Shoes American Made 

Company: Zuzii

My friend, and ML Contributor, Christine introduced me to Zuzii Shoes.  They've expanded quite a bit from their original kids offering and now include women's shoes, boots and clogs as well.

Zuzii American Made Shoes

Company: Osborn
The Osborn flats also come in black...bit of a tough sell after seeing them in pink.  Kaight shop doesn't have my size, but does still has a few available.   I love that they are artisan made, fair trade and made in Brooklyn!

Osborne American Made Shoes

Company: Johansen Shoes
I hadn't heard of Johansen Shoes until searching for shoes today.   They have been making shoes in Virginia since 1876. Many are old-school, but you can find a diamond in the rough, like these every day loafers, great for fall and winter!

Johansen American Made Shoes


Company: Wal and Pai
These gorgeous booties by Wal and Pai sold at Anthom almost did the trick, until I learned that they ran a 1/2 size large.  I am between an 8.5 and 9 so a half size larger than a nine would have me swimming in these.    I also absolutely love these black boots also made by Wal and Pai, but I really need flats.

Wal and Pai American Made Shoes Wal and Pai American Made boots from Swordsmith

Company: Frye
I've had my American made Frye Boots for over half of my life!!  I've had the bottoms replaced numerous times, but are otherwise in excellent condition.  Frye Boots have been making shoes since 1863.  Their website says 'all-American', but it is important to shop the made-in-American section to be sure!

Frye Boots Made in America Frye Boots Made in America


Company: Eastland Shoe
Eastland Shoe is a company that mostly makes loafers and moccasins out of Eastland, Maine.  They do manufacture a line of boots including these below.  

Eastland Boot Made in America

Company: Sydney Brown
The last shoe in the group is one that I have been coveting ever since American Retail introduced us to Sydney Brown. This is my favorite of the bunch. It's made of sustainable harvested wood and cork. Other parts of the shoes are made from recycled and reclaimed materials and other environmentally friendly materials.. Because Sydney Brown is passionate about the environment, they make shoes free of animal products. The EPA has warned that livestock pollution is the single biggest threat to our world's waterways.  Amazing, a cradle-to-cradle shoe that's also made in America!

Sydney Brown Boot Made in America

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