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Made in America Cell Phone Cases

Made in America Cell Phone Cases

Image by Carved

It’s true. Every year, millions of cell phones are manufactured and nada one is Made in the USA. But, at least, with cell phone cases, there’s plenty of American-made options.  Leather, wood or airplane siding, choose your poison and enjoy making a local choice. 

for your inner Navy Seal…
Roxform Cases

Rockform cell phone case, made in America

In a Roxform case, your phone can fall off ladders, get hit with bricks and run over by a 7500 lb truck, and be just fine. And, parents, testimonies claim these cases even withstand teething six-month-olds. Founded by vets of the power sports industry in Santa Ana, CA, high tech manufacturing methods and material (Aircraft Grade Aluminum included) render these cases invincibly shock proof.  We really like Roxform mobile cases because you can customize them using photographs of your choosing.  Roxform makes their cases in the USA.
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who knew wood could look so good…

Carved American Made Cell phone case

Going au natural?  Prepare yourself for wood phone cases so gorgeously smooth, you won’t be able to stop touching them.  Handmade in Indiana using responsibly and sustainably harvested wood, each case is unique. But if you want uber-unique, you can design your own call phone case with their on-line designer, complete with twelve choices of wood and pre-loaded images. Carved also allows you to send your own artwork to them, and they’ll make your custom creation happen. Another cool plus, Carved offers special edition printed cases featuring artists’ designs and a part of every purchase goes directly to the artists.
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American Made Cell Phone Case by Grovemade

Time to bring out the leather.  Grovemade, a team of 20 crafters in Portland, OR, combine local wood and vegetable-tanned leather into a wallet phone case that holds credit cards, cash and phone. We just love the convenience of this phone case! They also create refined Walnut and Maple wood cases, and if you’re in the neighborhood, they’ll even offer tours of their workshop.
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Red Clouds Collective

Red Cloud American Made Cell Phone Case

We hadn't seen or heard of this before, but we love it! More from the industrious Oregonians…it’s the wallet phone case + a sketch book. Cool, integrated and so very left brain-right brain of them. Sourcing high-quality, traditional made in America materials, theGoodbook comes with two sketch books. Handcrafted in Portland, OR.
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jimmy CASE

jimmy CASE American Made cell phone case

What would you get if you set up Fun and Function on a blind date in Hollywood, and they actually liked each other? The jimmy CASE. Made in East Los Angeles, California, the wood core is made from military-grade Mahogany and the woven elastic band can stretch to hold six cards and bounces back every time. There’s loads of cool band colors to choose from too. 
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Contributor, Christine Fuentes Gallup

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Jun 10, 2020

Just ordered and received a Rokform case based on the information here. The package clearly states “Made in China”. If the Rokform cases were ever made here, apparently they aren’t any more. :-(

Mar 27, 2018

I have an ideal for a case, safety invention & marketing.
This product would be a great marketing tool for pro sport teams, colleges, organizations, etc.
How can I protect my ideal and have your company out this ideal into the market?
Thank you,

Francis J Leverick
Feb 09, 2018

JimmyCase looks fun-anyone use it with the colored bands? how dies it work?

Jan 27, 2018

Why don’t you make a hard cell phone case w/ a hinged cover that flips open to protect the entire phone from any scratch, crack (& maybe even moisture] damage?


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