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Retailers: Support Local, Consumers: Demand Local

Retailers: Support Local, Consumers: Demand Local

I was lucky enough to talk with a handful of the over 100 made in America suppliers showing at Capsule this weekend. Big apologies to those I missed or inadvertently passed!  As many of these manufacturers heard me say, I believe the onus is on retailers to select conscious product.  Consumers just want to buy nice products at a fair price.  

  • Retailers who support fair trade and local: Kisses to you and Thanks!
  • Retailers who have an Open to Buy: Buy local, the selection available is wide!
  • Consumers: buy it and demand it! Ask Shops where things are made and if your purchase is fair trade.

I selected just 10 of the brands I loved meeting this weekend...check 'em out, and buy their locally made clothing!  


Brand: Loup Charmant

Description:  High quality, all natural materials create romantic staples in a woman's summer, beach and bedtime wardrobe.  Support these Retailers selling Loup!



Brand: Jungmaven

Description:  Jungmaven is passionate about using hemp to make their clothes.  Hemp farming cleans the air, water and nourishes the land helping mitigate climate change.  Here's more on how hemp does this! Buy through the Jungmaven Shop.

Jungmaven hemp cut and sewn in America


Brand: Esby

Description: Well made clothes to wear day in and day out.  High quality fabrics are sourced world-wide to fit and flatter with an emphasis on comfort and wearability.  Buy through the Esby Shop.


Brand: Groceries Apparel

Description:  Vertically integrated factory in Los Angeles passionate about using 100% organic and recycled ingredients.  Support Bead and Reel for your Groceries purchase! For their entire assortment, shop Groceries direct! 



Description:  Loungerwear all composed of fine textiles and sustainable fibers
made in the United States of America. WOMXN'S RITES is brand new; follow them on Instagram @womxnsrites for the latest updates and where to buy!


Brand: Colorant

Description: Only natural dyes are used on Colorants knits and silks, all made in the USA, which are extracted from renewable resources offering a more sustainable option for the textile industry.   Shop Colorant!


Brand: Otis and Maclain

Description:  Vintage lovers have created an effortless, ageless collection of lovely pieces that can be worn day to night and season after season.  Designed, produced and shipped out of Southern California.  Support Stockists Selling Otis and Maclain!


Brand: LIAM of York

Description:  A slow fashion clothing line that celebrates ancient textile techniques through a modern point of view.  Shop LIAM of York!



Brand: Love Tanjane

Description:  Love Tanjane is a feminine collection made in Ojai, California using natural fabrics which are hand treated with low impact dyes. Shop Love Tanjane!


Brand: Alexis Mera

Description: Fashionable athleisure, designed, cut and sewn in New York City.  Support the Brooklyn Collective while buying your Alexis Mera! For the entire assortment, shop Alexis Mera direct! 



Brand: Whit

Description:   Whit is a modern women's brand, known for vibrant colors and prints, made in the United States.  Shop and support Whit's stockists!


Why Buy Local?

Made Local Wedding Dresses!

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