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Natalie Kay Smith, Sustainably Chic Interview

Natalie Kay Smith, Sustainably Chic Interview

​ML Dreams: Natalie Kay Smith​, Sustainable Lifestyle Blogger + Curator, Sustainably Chic, Charleston, SC

Over the past few months, we've gotten to know Natalie and her Sustainability blog.  As of late, we've been thinking a lot about our New Year's Resolutions, which we realized will be influenced a lot by Natalie.  We are so very aligned by the socially conscious message that Natalie spreads to her readers each and every day, but also inspired by her natural, open and honest way of sharing herself.   You will see an effort on Made Lokal's part to share more, and more often, of ourselves in 2016...so we thank you in advance Natalie for helping pave the way for us.  
We were curious about Natalie's thoughts for next year too.  

Made Lokal: What Dreams do you have for yourself and improving sustainability in 2016?
Natalie: ​"I want to improve my green thumb. My knowledge on plants and growing my own food is lacking. Next year is about becoming more sustainable within my own home.​"


Made Lokal: Did you have a childhood dream?
Natalie: ​"Too many! Like most children, I wanted several unrelated careers like; ballerina, doctor, fashion designer.. the usual. However, when I was 6, I was diagnosed with a blood disorder and underwent several treatments unsuccessfully. I spent a lot of time around other children who had it much worse than me, and all I wanted to do was to help them feel better. Of course, I realized I needed to be a doctor, so I shadowed my Grandfather's practice and quickly found out.. that was not what I wanted to be. Can't do bones sticking out of skin or open wounds! ​While I'm not directly helping children today, I feel I am contributing to their well being in countries I wouldn't have thought of as a little girl."

We just had a hunch that SHE would be the right select for our New Year ML-Dreams!  Natalie, thank you for sharing such a personal part of your story with us and keeping us accountable to OUR 2016 dreams.

Natalie likes to encourage us all to, "shop positive, shop small & shop sustainably"
Follow Natalie's Sustainably Chic Blog and on Instagram @sustainablychic to receive daily recommendations on sustainable purchases, companies, people, lifestyle hints and giveaways.
We happen to be interested in made-in-america product so below are just a few photos taken from her blog of various posts that she's made supporting companies on the topic, but whatever your interest is in the sustainable world, Natalie has your back.
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Aug 02, 2018

she is so awesome…best sustainable blogger!

Dec 09, 2017

i looove her


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