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Made in America Bathing Suits and other Summer Essentials

Made in America Bathing Suits and other Summer Essentials

We put together a summer wish list and were surprised at how easy it was to come up with great local solutions for each.  Shopping does take longer when you make an effort to buy local because it is often not a one stop shop, but it is also worth the effort!  As TBG says, "Your purchases support local jobs, support families, build schools, provide leadership for the local community, and provide purchasing power needed to fuel the Economy."  Happy Summer!!

Bathing Suits:


For Him:

Birdwell A family business since 1961, started out of Carrie Birdwell Mann's living room in Southern California.


For Her:

 Vitamin A creates figure flattering swimwear using environmentally conscious practices, using recycled fibers and printing using waterless digital technology. 


For Kids:

American Adorn is an All-American children's clothing store, whose products are all made in the US, many of which are eco-friendly.  All aspects of AA including web designers, shipping and packaging material to their solar panels are all made in the U.S.A.



Sires Eyewear has a mission to create unique handcrafted eye wear masterpieces that will last years from now.  Long lasting quality goods will create less waste.



 Towels by Gus has partnered with 1888 Mills, one of the only American textile mills left standing, to offer 100% American made towels, which is pretty incredible since textile mills largely left the USA.


 Beach Tote

 Maptote is a family affair!  When stylist Rachel and cartographer Michael tied the knot, they also married their professions. Rachel and Michael personally source their fabric, which is made of US cotton and all bags are cut, sewn and printed in Brooklyn, NY.


Water bottle:

 Liberty Bottles is the ONLY American made 100% recycled metal bottle.  Liberty gives hiring preference to those who have served their country. Liberty pledges a portion of sales and working hours to help large, local, and grass roots efforts.



Flip Flops 

 TidalNY was started after seeing American footwear manufacturing virtually vanish. Tidal saw flipflops as t-shirts for your feet and felt confident that America should be able to compete.  They pioneered new technologies and used all domestically sourced materials.  Tidal is committed to hiring veterans and donates to Heroes in Transition.


Vintage Surfboards

 Surfstation Store Tory Strange opened the world’s first “Gas Station Surf Shop” in St. Augustine, Florida and they've been voted 'Best Surf Shop' year after year by The Record for years since. Their selection of vintage boards is second to none.


Beach Chair:

  Island Beach Gear partners with Telescope Furniture, a 100+ year old family company that is known from being innovative while preserving high quality. 

cover image, courtesy of https://www.heidimerrick.com/


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need more bathing suit options. chairs great.

Oct 26, 2017

Thank you for including us.
This is a wonderful list of Summer Essentials!

Jun 27, 2017

Has anyone bought those Island Beach Gear chairs???


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