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American Made Children's Clothing

American Made Children's Clothing

Like many, we do back to school shopping at this time of year. For us, this means doing a quick scan of our child's wardrobe (no, it doesn't take long-we believe in minimalist wardrobe for kids too) to take account of what few basic pieces might be needed. We look to add in anything that is truly missing or will be completely worn out.  

We have found that even with fast growing children, we haven't needed to buy entire new wardrobes each season...but then again, we don't shop for trends and are okay with wearing the same outfits over and over again.  We actually look at it as removing superfluous decisions from our life which is one step closer to simpler, calmer mornings and therefore simpler, calmer living ;)  We also happen to love worn clothes...it shows they've been loved. A friend sent a book about other people that must feel the same way a few years ago, called Worn Stories. We'll take it out and share one of these days ;)  

Until then...find a list of websites, in no particular order, to use to shop for American Made children's clothing.   

Winter Water Factory American Made Childrens Clothing
Based: Brooklyn, NY
Description: Winter Water Factory believes in creating high-quality products for a healthy planet. Every item is crafted from 100% GOTS certified organic cotton and is American Made—from the fabric to the final stitch.
Sources: 100% of fabrics from USA
Social Responsibility: Certified organic, Passionate about USA production

Steven Alan Kids American Made Children's Clothing
Based: NYC, New York
Description: Designer, Tastemaker, Curator, and Retailer of mens, womens and childrenswear collections. Steven Alan stores focus on emerging design talent and often supports brands who manufacture in USA.  Steven Alan Design focuses on simple yet sophisticated, often manufacturing in America.   
Sources: This is an opportunity for improvement for Steven Alan.  We would like to see Steven Alan notate where the material is sourced on each item they sell, regardless of whether they make it or resell it.  
Social Responsibility: Steven Alan supports emerging designers, and local designers.   Steven Alan Optical created an exclusive Eyewear line and donated 100 percent of their net proceeds to Eye Care America, a public service program that provides eye care at no out-of-pocket cost to medically underserved seniors who qualify.
Rylee + Cru American Made Children's Clothing
Based: San Diego, CA
Description: Kelli Murray is an Illustrator, Blogger, Product Designer, and most recently the founder of Rylee + Cru, where all her skills seemed to come together naturally into a children's line.
Sources: Rylee + Cru uses a local manufacturer and screen printing facility. There is an opportunity to clarify if the local manufacturer that Rylee + Cru uses fabricates the materials, or does the cut and sewing and being sourced elsewhere.   

Nico Nico American Made Children's Clothing
Based: Los Angeles, CA
Description: Sue Tsai, Founder of NicoNico came from a background in women's apparel design, high-fashion editorial and celebrity styling, which makes this line for children the envy of the modern parents who have become loyalists. 
Sources: Each item is made in the USA, though we'd like to see NicoNico specify where their fabric is being sourced on each item they sell, which is an opportunity for improvement. 
Shop: Nico Nico

Kira Kids American Made Children's Clothing
Based: San Francisco, California
Description: Somehow Kira Kids manages the near impossible: to combine adorable patterns that kids adore into cool outfits that hip parents approve.
Sources: 100% organic cotton. We would like to see Kira Kids disclose from where their fabric is being sourced, which is an opportunity for improvement.
Social Responsibility: Kira Kids makes their entire line in Los Angeles. Uses certified organic cotton, non toxic dyes, and water based inks.  
Shop: Kira Kids

Covet + Lou
Based: Newton, MA
Description: Online retailer featuring a curated collection of designers, many of whom are made in America. Covet + Lou provides great information on fit and comfort.
Sources: Covet + Lou curates with a stellar eye emerging and trendsetting brands in mens, womens and childrenswear lines...many of which are made in America.
Social Responsibility: Covet + Lou is fully transparent about the country of origin on fabrics of each product shown.  

Boy and Girl
Based: Venice Beach, California
Description: Boy and Girl is rooted in California's surf and skate culture, effortless styling and an appreciation for fine craftsmanship. Kira Kids manages the near impossible: to combine adorable patterns that kids adore into cool outfits that hip parents approve.
Sources: Natural fabrics sourced from Japan, Europe and America. We would like to see Boy and Girl disclose where their fabric is being sourced specific to each item, which is an opportunity for improvement.
Social Responsibility: Boy and Girl makes their entire line in Los Angeles and says they use natural fabrics, which is an opportunity to be more transparent about.
Shop: Boy and Girl

Based: Wakefield, RI
Description: Nonchalant Mom is a brick and mortar and online business passionate about supporting small business, many of which are American.  The beauty of Nonchalant Mom is that She sells a lot of our favorite brands that did not make it onto our list, in addition to many of those on this list here! Nonchalant Mom provides great information on fit and comfort.
Sources: Nonchalant Mom makes an overall brand statement regarding sourcing, and in many cases provides information on specific items, however we'd like to see this be a standard for each item sold on the site as an opportunity for improvement. 
Social Responsibility: Nonchalant Mom is passionate about supporting small businesses


Jun 21, 2021

Baby apparels from ‘winter water factory’ are really cool and the rompers are similar to the ones in tiny twig.

Morgan Mendoza
Jul 23, 2018

covet and lou doesn’t have much toddler anymore.
i’m hoping they are just restocking b/c i really like this brand!!

Oct 24, 2017

Do a version for BABY ;D


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