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Join the Pledge 1% Community

Join the Pledge 1% Community

Pledge 1% is a nonprofit organization that creates a simple way for companies to make philanthropic contributions to nonprofits in their community. Each participating company can select nonprofits of their choice in addition to how they donate.  Companies are given the option to pledge equity, time, profit, product or a combination of pledge types, making membership accessible to every company, regardless of its size.

One of the unique ways that Pledge 1% allows companies to donate to non-profits is to pledge 1% of their equity.  This option is easiest to facilitate when a company is still a start-up. Later on as companies grow, they can still donate equity, but it may be a bit more complicated.  It is also possible to pledge 1% as a founder instead of committing 1% of your company itself. Regardless, pledging equity, whether it is your own personal equity, or your company's equity, you will have to sign some legal binding paperwork.

A wonderful way to make a pledge is to donate your time.  For companies that pledge to donate time, 1% of a 40 hour work week is a commitment of only 20 minutes of volunteer work per week. Companies that pledge time are given guidance and resources to help start and/or grow a volunteer program. Pledge 1% is flexible with how companies decide to donate their time.  Volunteering could come in the form of donating your time to a non-profit such as a homeless shelter in your neighborhood. Volunteering can also come in the form of individuals donating their time as a specialist helping a non-profit in their community as pro-bono work.

Last but not least is for companies to participate in Pledge 1% by committing to donating 1% of their profits to nonprofit organizations.  Companies that are not yet profitable can choose to donate 1% of their revenues. It is also possible to donate 1% of revenue from a particular product or service.

Another unique way for companies to participate in Pledge 1% is to make a product donation. Product donations can look wildly different depending on what product or service your company offers.  A company that sells gadgets can donate their physical product to a nonprofit. A company that sells services can provide a free or discounted membership. Some companies that make product contributions provide one donation or discount to one or two organizations while other companies provide smaller donations or discounts to a large number of nonprofits.

Pledge 1% is exceptionally flexible in ways that companies can give. Becoming part of Pledge 1% is becoming a part of a community of like-minded leaders. Companies that are a part of Pledge 1%, donating time, profit, equity or product tend to be startups and small companies, however many large corporations have joined the program.  In fact, 8.500 companies are members of Pledge 1% across over 100 countries. To be next, visit Pledge 1%'s Pledge Page to take the pledge and join now!


Jun 13, 2023

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