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Sustainable Blogging with Jella Jornales

Sustainable Blogging with Jella Jornales

ML Dreams: Jella Jornales, Founder of @thehumblebeesociety (now called @jellajornales)

Made Lokal: When + how did you become an ethical consumer?

Jella: I am actually pretty new to this. I changed how I consumed after watching the documentary The True Cost. I just could not ignore what I saw. It’s only been a few months really. I saw the documentary in September of last year.

Made Lokal: Why did you decide to start @thehumblebeesociety ?

Jella: I decided to start The Humble Bee Society because of a need that I had myself. After deciding to finally become an ethical consumer, I noticed that there aren’t enough resources out there that that provided information on brands that chooses people over profit . A platform where it’s easy for people to choose to buy ethically and responsibly. I wanted to create something that’s not intimidating. Where love wins. Where community is formed.  As you probably have noticed, my account doesn’t just feature ethical brands, I also really dig deep. I tell stories. The heart behind is is really to connect us to each other. Through this, people will be able to: support brands/campaigns whose mission is to make an impact in the world through giving; promote buying local; encourage thrifting; live with purpose; and sprinkle goodness by walking in kindness.

Made Lokal: What were you doing before @thehumblebeesociety OR do you also have a day job? ;)

Jella: I’ve only been doing this since November. Yes, I do have a full time job. I work in the hospitality industry and I travel for work. I am relocated to different States every 6 months. I’m actually originally from the Philippines and I’m here in the US under a work and travel visa.

Made Lokal: What's the first habit you wish the world would stop spending their money on in order to be more ethical consumers?

Jella: Clothes in general. I would say to “spend less” and really think of the way we buy things is the best route to take. To only buy those that we REALLY need. It’s a challenge for everyone and I too am still working on that myself. Another thing I would love to encourage others is to go thrift store shopping. I think it’s even better!

Made Lokal: What's one of your favorite ethical discoveries and why?

Jella: I have so many!!! Everyday I discover either a brand that’s changing the world with how they give and add value to others, or a blogger who decided to spend less, or a movement like Fashion Revolution who is changing the game altogether!

Made Lokal: What are a few of your favorite ethical shops?

Jella: Warby Parker, Toms, Patagonia, The Giving Keys, Yellow 108, Everlane, The Little Market, Sweet Lupine. I have so many favorites!!! There’s more but I’ll give you these for now. :)

Made Lokal: What's your dream for how the world will improve?

Jella: I dream of a world where we choose each other. Where community is more important than competition. Where humility, integrity, and generosity are present in the community and in the business world. I truly believe that this generation is slowly standing up for what’s right. That this generation is choosing people over profit.

Jella currently resides in Palm City, Florida, and is originally from Cagayan de Oro, Philippines.  We feel so much love posting Jella’s ML Dreams on the birthdate of our dear Lola, also born and raised in the Philippines.  Lola is the grandmother of Luke...Made Lokal’s ultimate inspiration.




Apr 01, 2016

Great to see your site! Looking forward to making it a regular read :)

Mar 06, 2016

Im so proud of you ate! Proud cousin here ❤??

Riezl Joy Cediño
Mar 05, 2016

Im so proud of you ate!! That’s my cousin! :))


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