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Gina Magid, Williamsburg, Brooklyn Artist Interview

Gina Magid, Williamsburg, Brooklyn Artist Interview


ML Dreams: Gina Magid, Artist, Brooklyn, NY

madeLOKAL: How long have you lived in Williamsburg?
Gina: I moved here around 1993 or 94. My first place was a back house on North 6th between Bedford and Berry. It had an above ground swimming pool in the front yard! There was a big vacant lot next door and all around the block, so it felt very wild and open and free. But dirty.

madeLOKAL: You have seen a lot of artists get pushed out of your neighborhood. Are you resentful towards the changes?
Gina: I’m not sure if resentful is the right word. It makes me sad. It was such a great neighborhood at one time. I once heard Yoko Ono speak at Pratt. When she was asked a question like this, she responded with a little story: Artists are like the trees. No one is going to say “We can not cut this tree down in order to build something here, the tree will be cut down. One day there are very few trees left. This lack of trees alters everyones experience in a negative way. But most people have no awareness of this or if they do feel the lack, they do not understand why” Thats kinda how I feel about Williamsburg.

madeLOKAL: Your art studio is attached to your home...are there days that you realize the whole day has gone by without stepping outdoors?
Gina: This is often the case. I try to eat meals outside in my back yard and I also run sometimes. I ride my bike as transport. I pick my kids up at school. I’m pretty much a hermit. But I have a great set up.

madeLOKAL: What usually inspires your artwork?
Gina: It flows and varies. Nature. Right now I’m using pieces from trees and flowers that my kids brought home from the park in a large abstract piece. Beauty, sensuality, love, life, death ­ the big things we are all concerned with. Also ­ the unconscious way that all things may or may not be connected. But I love fashion too, in the context of lifting it to use in my work to address more universal ideas.

madeLOKAL: You are known to love cooking. How does it make you feel when you are in the kitchen?
Gina: I am? Thats fantastic. I do love cooking. I would elaborately cook and bake every day if I could find the time. For me it is a very similar experience as making art, somehow. I lose myself in it; it is totally absorbing and creative. It is wholesome, it feels like a gift for myself and others. I should be living on a hippy commune, Id likely be very happy. Making bread and art and gardening.

madeLOKAL: You have two daughters...can you share one of your dreams for their future?
Gina: Just happiness, bravery, integrity and strength.

madeLOKAL: Where can people see/buy your work?
Gina: My website is www.ginamagid.com. I just recently made it so it is in progress. I am adding a news section which will list upcoming shows. I can be contacted through that site or ginamagid@msn.com for inquiries.

madeLOKAL: Where can people find you on social media?
Gina: I’m a facebook person.

If you haven't already, visit Gina's website and follow her on Facebook.

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Nov 23, 2016

Really cool. Keep up the great work!

Michael Scott
May 30, 2016

Thanks-a-mundo for the article post.Thanks Again. Much obliged. Shatzer

May 13, 2016

Didnt know about your love of cooking!! A very nice interview. I love following your career! Love and hugs.

Louise Sherman

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