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The Bedroom: Made in America Resources

The Bedroom: Made in America Resources

                                                                                                          Image by Matteo
The most important area in your life to start, or continue, to make ethical purchases would be your bedroom.  Unless you work from home, you are probably in your bedroom for the most hours of the day.  Bedtime is especially important because at a very close proximity you are breathing in whatever your bedding is off-gassing.  Below is a list of American made bedding products that we use, or have on our list of items to buy next list.

ABC Home
Made In: California, USA
ABC Home American Made Bed
Description: For my next bed purchase, I think I'd be ready for this American made bed with headboard. ABC Home's Sonoma bed seems like a great choice. The bed is modern, yet still exudes enough warmth. While I very much like this color, it also comes in a variety of other soothing tones. The Sonoma has a slipcovered headboard and base, which uses a combination of linen and cotton. Foam core and soft wrap are used for the fill. The fabric must be dry cleaned professionally. 

Social Responsibility:
This bed is responsibly made in California using 90%
recycled steel legs. 

Shopping Link: Cobble Hill Sonoma Bed


    Company: Cotton & Care 
    Cotton & Care Sheets Made in USA Cotton & Care American Made Sheets
    Description: Cotton & Care specializes in making,100% made in America sheets for your bedroom. Cotton & Care uses Supima Cotton, which is only 1% of the cotton produced in the world. Supima Cotton is coveted worldwide and is known to be stronger and brighter than other cottons, and also known to become softer and softer with each washing. 

    Social Responsibility: Cotton & Care is dedicated to producing their sheets and pillowcases 100% made in America. They use Supima Cotton grown in California, USA and a textile mill in Georgia, USA to weave the line, a South Carolina, USA factory to cut and sew the products and a facility in Nevada, USA to pack the final sheets and pillowcases.  Cotton & Care donates a whopping 50% of profits to the world water crisis through Water.org.

    Click to Shop: Cotton & Care

    Made In: 
    Los Angeles, CA
    Matteo American Made Bedding Matteo American Made Bed Cover 
    When I purchased my Matteo, Made in America bedding, my bed was instantly transformed into a luxurious haven of relaxation. I actually love making my bed in the morning now because Matteo makes any room look beautiful.  Matteo's mission to create quality product shines through and through. The colors and attention to detail are impeccable. My favorite aspect of the Matteo line is their reference to vintage fabrics.  They seek to recreate the look and feel of well-loved textiles, which requires the perfect amount of softness, yet stability.

    Social Responsibility: 
    Matteo was formed specifically to showcase American manufacturing using beautifully sewn textiles. Fabrics can be sourced internationally, but are cut, sewn and dyed to order locally in Los Angeles.  

    Shopping Link: 
    Matteo Bedding

    Company: Cozy Pure
    Made in: Norfolk, VA 
    Cozy Pure American Made All Natural Comforter
    Description: Cozy Pure is a woman founded company that was a pioneer in the eco-friendly space. Cozy Purce creates American Made organic bedding and has been doing so for over 20 years.  Cozy Pure is known for using the highest quality renewable, all natural, sustainable materials including organic cotton, natural latex rubber milk, wool, kapok, and buckwheat hulls. Cozy Pure has a simple, pleasing to the eye aesthetic where comfort is king. Since its inception, Cozy Pure only made American Made bedding, using environmentally conscious materials.  Cozy Pure hand-crafts each order by hand! 

    Social Responsibility: Cozy Pure is passionate about creating American Made bedding products without using any toxic chemicals or emitting any harmful materials. Cozy Pure is dedicated to keeping production in the USA, despite the industry mostly manufacturing abroad. They have a long list of eco-certifications including: GOLS, GOTS, euroLATEX ECO-certified, LGA Tested, Oeko-Tex 100 Standard, Organic Cotton Certified, OTA, TDA Organic Certification, OE 100 Standard, FSC, EPA Green Power Partner, Virginia manufacturing Seal.

    Shopping Link:
    Cozy Pure Comforters 

    Company: Casper
    Made In: Georgia and Pennsylvania
    Casper American Made Mattress
    Truth be told, I bought a mattress for all too much money because I was adamant about not sleeping on anything toxic. I sought guidance from an in-store mattress expert at a high-end store known for sustainable goods. I bought an 'organic, all natural, non-toxic' and wonderfully comfortable bed. In order to prepare for this post, I was delighted to be able to recommend my own mattress, but the company Pure as Nature has since gone under.  When it is time to replace my mattress, it seems that there are some really good options in the marketplace. Personally, I was not keen on the idea of a mattress that arrived in a box, but I must say that after researching Casper I learned they manufacture in America, they are less than a quarter of the price of a high end mattress. They also have certifications behind their eco-friendly policies.  

    Social Responsibility: Casper mattresses are all Made in America and are all OEKO-Tex and Certi-Pur certified, which means they are produced without chemicals that are harmful to the ozone. This is regulated by the Consumer Safety Commision and emits Low VOC emissions for indoor air quality, which is below .5 parts per million for a Casper mattress.

    Click to Shop: Casper Mattresses  


    Company: Doca Pets
    Made In: Chicago, IL
    Doca Pet Dog Beds Made in America
    Description: Don't forget about your four legged family member, who deserves a non-toxic, super comfortable bed too. Doca Pets makes their pet beds in America and they come in three different sizes. Doca Pets has a small assortment for the discerning consumer.  The line was designed by a previous furniture designer and is quite stylish. Doca Pets also sells food bowls, accessories and pet toys.

    Social Responsibility: Doca Pet products are all manufactured in Chicago, IL, U.S.A.  

    Click to Shop: Doca Pet

    Other priorities for non-toxic purchases due to vicinity to body and/or sweating: 
    Yoga Mats
    Exercise Clothes



    Jun 25, 2018

    I love the Doca Pet shop too.
    Wish list includes large bed for my Golden and small for my Maltapoo!

    Mar 28, 2018

    Saw Lisa S interview from cottonandcare.
    Seems like they truly manufacture everything in US. Wonedering if any materials are from abroad.

    Mar 22, 2018

    Matteo with Cotton Care is good idea ML!
    Going to shop both…

    Mar 20, 2018

    That Matteo line is sooooo nice looking!! WANT.

    Mar 20, 2018

    I have the MR Pillow too.
    Weird guy is always everytwhere-but pillow is good anyway

    Mar 20, 2018

    Has anyone used a Casper? I’ve heard mixed things. need COMFORTABLE bed!!

    Mar 20, 2018

    Great list….I’m going to make sure my pup gets one of those Doca beds!!


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