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Most Stylish American Made Menswear

Most Stylish American Made Menswear

In honor and appreciation of Fathers and men in general, we are posting some of our favorite places to shop local...for men.   

Buck Mason American Made Menswear Buck Mason 
Based: Los Angeles, CA
Description: Buck Mason is effortless, cool, understated, honest and timeless menswear.
Sources: 100% of fabrics from USA
Social Responsibility: Passionate about USA production and transparent about sourcing 
Shop: Buck Mason


Grown and Sewn American Made Menswear Grown and Sewn 
Based: NYC, NY
Description: Rob Magness, was the men's design director at Ralph Lauren.  Passionate about quality, he came back to his roots to create a collection based on US history and culture.
Sources: Opportunity for Grown and Sewn to disclose from where materials are sourced. Everything is made in USA.
Social Responsibility: Passionate about USA production 
Shop: Grown and Sewn


Imogene and Willie American Made Menswear Imogene and Willie
Based: Nashville, TN
Description: Imogene + Willie has the best story in retail: one of being broke, in love, full of talent + hope and a vision that epitomizes the American Dream.
Sources: Everything is made in America out of either fabric from North Carolina or Japan. 
Social Responsibility: Passionate about USA production and every single item they sell shows transparency of origin.  Imogene + Willie has a repair program to extend the life of your jeans.
Shop: Imogene + Willie


Independence Chicago American Made MenswearIndependence Chicago
Based: Chicago, IL
Description: Independence Chicago is an online retailer showcasing a wide assortment of American made brands.
Sources: We'd like to see Independence Chicago disclose the fabric source on each item they feature, which is an opportunity for improvement. 
Social Responsibility: Passionate about supporting American made brands.
Shop: Independence Chicago


Noble Denim American Made Menswear Noble Denim
Based: Ohio
Description: Noble Denim has a line of simple, high quality denim.
Sources: Made in America from US grown and milled organic cotton, Japanese selvedge denim, Kentucky raw copper and Amish reclaimed leather.
Social Responsibility: Passionate about USA production and transparent about sourcing. 
Shop: Noble Denim


Public School NYC American Made Menswear Public School NYC
Based: NYC, NY
Description: Designers Dao-Yi Chow and Maxwell Osbourne have created a trendsetting streetwear label influenced by their hometown of New York City. 
Sources: Made in America using Japanese, Italian and American fabrics.  There is an opportunity for Public School to be specific about from where the country of origin fabric is on each item, however they do specify if something has been imported.
Shop: Public School NYC


Save Khaki American Made Menswear Save Khaki
Based: NYC, NY
Description: Save Khaki United (S.K.U.) creates basic menswear that emphasizes comfort and fit.  Fabrics are washed and dyed in earthy tones and broken in so that upon purchase the owner will look understatedly good.
Sources: Shorts and shirts are sourced from American grown cotton. Opportunity to disclose fabric sources of sweaters and outerwear.
Social Responsibility: Passionate about USA production and transparent about a lot of their materials.
Shop: Save Khaki


Union Made Goods American Made Menswear Union Made Goods
Based: San Francisco, CA
Description: Union Made Goods is a brick and mortar and online retailer selling well-made classic menswear many of which are American made items.
Sources: We'd like to see Union Made Goods disclose country of origin for each of the made in America items they sell, which is an opportunity for improvement.
Social Responsibility: Support USA manufacturers
Shop: Union Made Goods


Welcome Stranger Made in America Menswear Welcome Stranger
Based: San Francisco, CA
Description: William Stranger makes simple menswear inspired by the Northern Californian landscape.
Sources: Collection is made in America.  We'd like to see William Stranger disclose country of origin, which is an opportunity for improvement.
Social Responsibility: Support local manufacturing
Shop: Welcome Stranger



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Jan 12, 2018

Wow, these are nice looking and affordable brands. Honestly, I am surprised…thought they would be a lot more expensive. Seems like women’s clothes that are made in USA are a lot more expensive!!!


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