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Raysa Sanchez of Val's Cookies-Astoria Queens, Interview

Raysa Sanchez of Val's Cookies-Astoria Queens, Interview

ML Dreams: Raysa Sanchez, Astoria, Queens based Owner of: Val's Cookies

Made Lokal: How did you learn to make cookies?
Raysa: "I am self taught with the help of baker blogs such as @sweetsugarbelle"

Made Lokal: What was the inspiration for your company?
Raysa: "I began decorating cookies about 3 years ago. My inspiration was my daughter (Val!). This all started as a hobby we would do together but the more cookies I made, the better they looked, and I became a little bit of an obsessed cookie baker.  Then the requests from family and friends started pouring in."

Made Lokal: When do people buy the most cookies?
Raysa: "My busiest time of year is Christmas. I get a ton of custom orders and try to make it to every holiday market in town. I love making Christmas cookies."

Made Lokal: What is your dream for the future of your children?  
Raysa: I think like most parents I only want the best for my children. I want them to succeed in life and do better than I did. I want them to dream big and follow their dreams, and take on all the opportunities they are given.  I want them to take risks and not be afraid of failure. I  want them to have fun and have no regrets.

Find Val on Instagram at: @Valscookiecanvas 

We just love her 'watercolor' cookies!  Custom cookie ideas abound. 

This weekend Val will sell @Bohemian Beer Garden in Astoria Queens

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Nov 14, 2017

How long is lead time for Holiday cookies Ms Val??


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