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Starting Wee-Rascals with Kylie Clayborne + Liz Rich

Starting Wee-Rascals with Kylie Clayborne + Liz Rich

Honest like abe? Dreamin' like MLK? We love how Wee-Rascals take on their tees. Kylie and Liz of Wee-Rascals take real life heroes from then and now with witty mottos to create their amazing tees, which are made in Texas, USA.  

ML Dreams: Kylie Clayborne and Liz Rich, Co-Founders of Wee-Rascals

madeLOKAL: What is your dream for kids today?
Wee-Rascals: Our dream for kids today is that they make the connection between tales of notable and inspiring people and their own abilities. That all children realize their potential is not limited and they too can achieve anything with a little grit and determination. There is so much inspiration to pull from other people and their stories, trials and victories and we want to shine a light on this.

madeLOKAL: What was your aha moment when you started Wee Rascals?
Wee-Rascals: Wee-Rascals was born out of a desire to give our children more to look up to than Batman and Elsa. We saw a need for real faces in our children’s lives, to give them tales of true heroism to aspire to and out of that notion Wee Rascals was formed. The aha moment came when Kylie was searching for folk tales to share with her son, then 3 years old.  The first tale she came across was Johnny Appleseed and a quick thought of putting his image on a tee sparked the energy and momentum behind what is now Wee Rascals.

madeLOKAL: We love that your shirts are made and printed in Austin! What are some other shops that are local to Austin that you are in love with?
Wee-Rascals: We love to buy local and support small businesses. Some of our favorites in Austin are White Loft, Citizen Smalls and Eleventy Five.

madeLOKAL: Why Made in USA?
Wee-Rascals: From the very beginning we decided we didn’t want shirts made by kids or from a sweatshop.  We wanted socially and ethically responsible tees and as a small business, the only way for us to be sure that isn’t the case was to buy USA made.  We want t-shirts for kids not made by kids.  We wouldn’t have it any other way!

madeLOKAL: What did you want to be when you grew up?
Kylie: Since I can remember, I wanted to be Jane Goodall. I love Gorillas and find it fascinating to watch them. My children have to pull me away from the exhibit at the zoo!
Liz: I’m still trying to figure out exactly what I want to do when I grow up! It wasn’t until I joined Kylie in founding Wee Rascals that I caught the bug for entrepreneurship. I hope to be able to continue to nourish this passion!

To purchase a tees, visit www.wee-rascals.com
Follow @weerascals on Instagram and like their Facebook page.
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