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Earth Day: Global Progress

Earth Day: Global Progress

Together, the United States of America and China make up almost 40% of global emissions.  This Earth Day, April 22, 2016, both countries will sign the Paris Climate Agreement!

Make a goal for yourself this Friday to help save the planet next year.  Here are 20 you can do every day, provided by NY's Green Festival:

1. Reduce, reuse and recycle!

2. Choose products that use post consumer waste

3. Use biodegradable products

4. Purchase more products made locally

5. Use power strips to turn off electronically when not in use

6. Use reusable bags when shopping

7. Eat less meat

8. If it's not far, walk!

9. If it's far, ride a bike or take public transportation instead

10. Use less plastic and foam

11. Purchase energy energy-saving products (i.e Energy Star)

12. Use more reusable products and less disposable

13. Use rechargeable batteries

14. Dispose hazardous wastes (i.e. batteries) properly

15. Educate yourself and others on environmental awareness

16. Participate in community clean-up activities

17. Use natural resources for energy (solar panels)

18. Plant a tree

19. Compost

20. Strive to be a zero waste household

Setting Goals

 Happy Earth Week! 

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