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American Made Rain Gear

American Made Rain Gear

It is said that people in Seattle can identify a tourist by their rain gear.  Only tourists carry umbrellas.  A hooded jacket and rain boots is what a local wears in the rain.  We like the idea of not using an umbrella for a couple of reasons:

  • it frees up a hand that you would’ve used to hold the umbrella
  • it prevents throwing away yet another umbrella (or umbrellas) since ours never last

If you find yourself in need of a rain jacket or boots and would like to spend your money locally, you'll quickly find there are not many players in the American made space, but start below:

American Trench - Mens Rain Jackets

Freeman - Womens and Mens Jackets

Sloggers - Rainboots, made from 50% recycled materials

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Dec 08, 2020

Graham Wharton
48 Boundary Street
West Yorkshire

WF16 0ER

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Graham Wharton

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