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nstagram: FRAME

Based: Los Angeles, CA

Description: FRAME has been known for its coveted denim classics, American craftsmanship and devoted customers since 2012. FRAME jeans are available for men and women in every imaginable fit.

Sources: FRAME jeans are cut and sewn in the USA, using imported materials. 

Social Responsibility: FRAME supports US manufacturing.

Frame Jeans Frame Jeans Frame Jeans

Denim brands are widely known for using chemical dyes.  A compelling reason to buy American made jeans is that the United States has regulations around the use and discarding of toxic chemicals.  This is not to say that U.S. workers are not exposed to toxins, but the probability is less. You will lower the probability even more if you do a little research into the brands from which you buy. 

There is hope in the greening of jean manufacturing.  Denim companies started slowly realizing that their processes were actually killing people.  While many still ignore the facts, there are now many companies changing old ways.

While it is ultimately the responsibility of denim manufacturers, the consumer also has a critical part in this transformation.  When consumers demand change as a collective, companies often change their ways out of necessity, not necessarily by choice. The fact is that today it is possible to create the same product at the same price using more eco-friendly processes.  Consumers and brands need to be educated on the outcome of not moving to new processes.

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