Thin Diamond Earrings

Thin Diamond Earrings

by Jessica DeCarlo 


  • Large hammered thin diamond earrings
  • A timeless pair of everyday earrings to go with anything you wear! 


  • 14K gold filled
  • Hand hammered in Brooklyn, NY, USA 


  • Please allow one week to ship
More about this vendor:
Jessica DeCarlo Jewelry, is a line of metalsmithed jewelry with raw, urban appeal. Each piece combines edgy city style with a whisper of longing for the quiet of nature—a beautiful sentiment for any woman who cherishes both.

Jessica DeCarlo, designer and founder, began collecting jewelry from around the world at a young age.  Influenced by nature, she has developed her own elegant yet playful style that makes each of her collections unique.

Jessica works out of her Brooklyn studio alongside a small group of Brooklyn artisans, creating jewelry inspired by everything from nature and symbols to every day inspiration from living in NYC.  Jessica often uses "the lost wax  process" carving each piece individually in wax and then casting it into metal.