Herbivore Botanicals Pink Clay Soap
Herbivore Botanicals Pink Clay Soap
Herbivore Botanicals Pink Clay Soap
Herbivore Botanicals Pink Clay Soap
Herbivore Botanicals Pink Clay Soap

Clay Soap, Pink

by herbivore botanicals 


  • Skin softening, toxin removing, face and body soap
  • Citrus and floral scent
  • Especially for sensitive or dry skin types but also works well for most skin types


  • 100% natural, no animal testing
  • Pink clay is for cell renewal, skin rejuvenation and improving elasticity
  • Geranium essential oil prevents bacteria from developing and keeps you safe from developing infections
  • Blood orange essential oil serves as a detoxifier
  • Very good for mature skin, bust firming, broken capillaries, and puffy dark under eye circles


  • Each soap bar is approximately 4oz
  • Made in Washington, USA using 15% French ingredients and 85% US ingredients


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More about the vendor:

We are thrilled to showcase Herbivore Botanicals, a skincare product line that is safe, non-toxic, and highly effective.

Founded by Julia Wills and Alexander Kummerow in 2011 in their Seattle kitchen, they believe in the power of nature to produce results you can see and feel. Herbivore Botanicals formulates treatments that combine essential vitamins, minerals, and botanicals to restore skin to its optimum health and vitality. Every ingredient used has a specific therapeutic purpose, and all of their formulas are original, and tested on people (not animals).

Made Lokal loves that Herbivore Botanicals ethically sources the finest raw materials the earth has to offer. With its intoxicating scents and luxurious textures, we've loved making it a part of our skincare regime!

Herbivore Botanicals