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Rino Minami, Tokyn Candles

Founded by Rino Minami and Yuri Hongo in December 2015, Tokyn Candles was inspired by the art of "musubi", a Japanese form of knotting that treasures the unity and togetherness between people. The mission of Tokyn is to bridge together the rich Japanese custom of musubi with Brooklyn's undeniable charm and eclectic flair. All of their aromatic candles are made by hand from start to finish, including the creation of original fragrances. Everything that Rino and Yuri do is very intentional, including sourcing all ingredients locally.  The knots, labels, pouring, and packaging is all done by hand in Brooklyn, NY.  Tokyn's scents represent the geographical regions of Rino and Yuri's wonderful memories and experiences close to their hearts. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.