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Jade Yoga

Jade Yoga

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Based: Conshohocken, PA

Description: The founder of Jade, Dean, was the son of a rug pad maker.  In the year 2000 he realized the need for non-slippery, non-toxic yoga mats.  His family’s company was already producing natural rug pads, it was a natural for them to fill this void in the yoga mat world. Previously, Dean was a lawyer for the United States Environmental Protection Agency, so Jade’s priority in their core values was clearly to produce an environmentally friendly product. Jade Yoga offers a wide variety of sizes and colors on their yoga mats, including extra thick, extra wide, lightweight, extra wide and extra thick, kids, as well as a choice of 13 different colors. Jade Yoga also sells yoga mat bags that are made in the USA.

Social Responsibility: In addition to a passion for US production, a tree gets planted by Jade Yoga for every Jade Yoga mat that is sold. To date, Jade Yoga has planted 1,424,038 trees.


Clothing for yoga practice is a particularly interesting category in terms of purchasing ethically and/or ethically made goods. Yogis believe that it is important to extend intentional living not just during yoga, but in life, including being a conscious consumer.  

Conscious consumerism aligns strongly with some of the important tenants of yoga leaders.

Being intentional about where your clothes come from and how they are made is a part of this.  

Not surprisingly, a study by “Yoga in America” found that yogies were twice as likely to be environmentally conscious than the general population.  The practice of yoga teaches mindfulness and ethical guidelines which are known as yamas and niyamas respectfully.

Ultimately, this translates to many sustainable yoga clothing brands.  This is a list of just some of the conscious yoga clothing brands. DM us if you have another to add!

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