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Description: The Cor line is a subset of the Calleen Cordero footwear collection. It is a modern and minimalistic sandal collection that is handmade in Los Angeles, CA.

Based: Los Angeles, CA

Description: Cor is a fresh take on simple, yet luxurious footwear, for the woman who wants the look of being barefoot with cushioned support of comfort. The line is modern and minimal. A smaller capsule collection from Calleen Cordero with a price point that can reach a wider audience while maintaining the integrity of our handcrafted comfort construction.

Sources: Cor uses a natural leather sole and gum rubber heels, however to improve transparency, they could specify the specific material on each item and denote from where each material is sourced.

Social Responsibility: Cor is passionate about manufacturing in the United States of America. They are supporters and participants of the Refugee ScART program and the Spiral Foundation.

Shoes is a really tough fashion category in terms of made locally and made ethically.  There have been very few brands that have been able to withstand all of the obstacles against the shoe industry and sustainable production.  

A large part of what makes American made shoes extremely challenging is that sustainable shoe production in the USA requires high wages, which then creates small margins and virtually no room for error.

Shoes are most commonly made out of leather.  Leather is widely known for being one of the most toxic materials to process.  In addition to requiring a toxic process to process, leather has negative environmental consequences.  Because of this, and animal cruelty issues, more and more consumers are avoiding meat consumption as well as animal products due to environmental issues.   

Surprisingly, animal agriculture produces more greenhouse gases than every single transportation system in the world combined. The environmental strain is due to the fact that raising healthy animals constitutes an enormous amount of land, food, energy and water.  

It will be difficult to find a company that manufactures in the USA, is vegan, stylish and affordable. Every option has pros and cons so the consumer has to prioritize what is most important. Should a shoe purchase avoid leather, be made in America, contain no toxins?  At the end of the day you as the consumer has to decide what ethical, sustainable practices are most aligned with your views...and price point.

There are shoe companies that make and sell vegan shoes made out of either plant or synthetic materials.There are shoe brands that produce abroad provide fair trade practices. There are also shoe brands manufacturing in the US that can be quite pricey.  Meeting all of your shoe priorities is asking for a lot. Every option has pros and cons so you as a consumer have to prioritize what is most important to you.

If made locally is one of your more important criteria, we’ve created a list of shoe brands that are currently manufacturing shoes in the U.S.A.

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