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Jamie and the Jones

Jamie and the Jones

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BASED: Nashville, TN

DESCRIPTION: Jamie Frazier + Hannah Jones are owners of Jamie + the Jones. They prioritize local manufacturing and various textile techniques to create beautiful colors and textures for their line of quality clothes for everyday wear. Jamie and Hannah have a love for color and they use it as inspiration for their line.

An incredible aspect of the Jamie + Jones line is the commitment they make to their products using a network of artisans across the United States. Jamie + Jones has a scrap collection where they reimagine material scraps to new lives. 

The line encompasses a large selection of wovens, silks, organic cottons and more. "We believe in beauty. We believe in simplicity. And we believe that, above all, a little artistic flair is good for the soul." Jamie and the Jones 




Consciously produced clothing for women has exploded in growth.  Just a few years ago if purchasing locally made clothing was important to you, there wasn’t a lot of choices and it was difficult to find out what they actually were.  After the Rana Plaza disaster in 2008, consumers really started to pay more attention to where their clothes were made and who was actually making them.

Small independent labels have been sprouting up as well as the biggest brands in the country are getting behind local production, which further proves that more and more consumers are demanding quality more than quantity.

If you have made the decision to make a conscious effort to support locally made brands, hopefully this list will help you get started.  If you are already shop small and local brands and see that we’ve missed someone, we’d love to know!

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