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Linden Trees: Natural Healers

Linden Trees: Natural Healers

Linden trees abound in NYC. They are very fast growing so you can clip their leaves and flowers without worrying about damaging the tree. Leaves typically start growing in June, and flowers blossom in late July, but the season varies each year.  This year flowers blossomed in mid-June!

Linden Tree, A Natural Healer Linden Tree, A Natural Healer

Linden infusions have long been known as the "nectar of kings" since people learned of the health benefits of the Linden Tree back to ancient times.  There are many vitamins, volatile oils, antioxidants and soothing nectars in the Linden, which give widespread health benefits.

Natural Sedative
Soothes nerves
Eases headaches, including migraines
By calms the mind
Relaxes irritable, restless adults and hyperactive children

Digestion Aid
Soothes natural tension that leads to digestive issues
Relief from stomach pains by reducing digestive tract’s spasms
Stimulates digestive process and decreases bloating
Reduces flatulence and gastrocardia syndrome
Heals ulcers

Heart Support
Calms anxiety, reducing arrhythmia and heart palpitations
Decrease risk of hypertension and cardiovascular diseases
Eases tension on blood vessel walls
Prevents the buildup of plaque in artery walls, increasing blood flow

Respiratory Ailments
Acts as an expectorant, relieving sore throats and coughs
Provides relief to nasal congestion
Promotes sweating, bringing body temperature down 

Clears respiratory passages when using as steam
Opens pores, removing dirt and pollution when used as steam 
Helps dry skin and a painful sunburn when used as steam
Soothes irritated skin
Decreases swelling like puffy eyelids when applied with warm compress
Helps reduce joint pain
Relieves motion sickness, morning sickness or painful periods
Combats fungus

Linden Tree, A Natural Healer Linden Tree, A Natural Healer

Although you can make linden tea using the flowers, leaves or bark, we will discuss making the tea using linden blossoms.  You can dry linden flowers for use later. Whether you are using dried or fresh linden flowers to make your natural tea, use 1-2 teaspoons of the flowers for each 8oz cup of tea. Pour boiling water over the tea and brew for 10-15 minutes.

Linden can be combined with other natural herbs for additional benefits:
Mix with gingko biloba for fighting arteriosclerosis
Blend with hawthorn for high blood pressure
Add hops to further combat nervousness
Blend elder flower and honey for fighting colds and the flu
Mix with gingko biloba to deal with arteriosclerosis

Linden Tree, A Natural Healer

It is recommended that you drink no more than three cups of Linden tea per day otherwise you could potentially have heart issues or unusual urination, which can lead to dehydration. If you are pregnant or have heart disease, it is recommended to speak with your doctor first. If you are taking lithium you should also speak with your doctor since linden may inhibit your ability to dispose of lithium. Since there is mucilage in linden tea, which overall can be helpful, do not take within two hours of taking vitamins and minerals

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