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American Made Holiday Dresses

American Made Holiday Dresses

Are you ready for the holiday season ahead?
We've put together some beautiful options for American Made holiday dresses and looks should you be in need of a new dress.  Better than buying new is wearing a dress you've worn to a past holiday party, renting a dress or buying a vintage dress. 

If you do not want to wear one of the dresses in your closet, and you don't plan on wearing it in the foreseeable future, consider doing a dress swap, a gift to your sister or friend or else selling it to a consignment shop.

Since buying vintage dresses can be tricky with sizes that don't translate to sizes today, it is best to shop at a vintage shop near you so that you can try the dresses on.  If you don't know where to start, check out our vintage shops guide for vintage holiday dresses.

Renting a holiday dress is a great option if you are a standard size.  There is no altering a rental dress. Also, shop EARLY if you choose to rent a holiday dress. If a dress is with someone else when you secure your rental and it comes back stained or ripped, you may be out of an outfit.  Rent The Runway actually has a brick and mortar location in NYC, which is best if you are renting a gown because you can ensure it actually fits. If you are not in New York City, search your own closest city or town to see if there is a location that rents dresses.

2018 Holiday Dress by The ReformationVelvet is a quintessential material for a holiday dress. The Reformation is selling this beautiful American Made holiday dress in crimson.  A traditionally cut evening dress has a cross back, making it wonderfully stylish for today.  

Rachel Comey 2018 Holiday DressSparkly sequence has been another favorite for holiday dresses over the years. This long holiday dress by Rachel Comey is quite elegant with its strapless top and cinched waist.  Rachel Comey's holiday dress is made in America.

Holiday 2018 Dress by Emerson FryAnother sequence dress for the holidays is is this beautiful option, made in America, by Emerson Fry. A v-neck dress with spaghetti straps has a gathered waist and side slits.  It is a sexy dress while being classy at the same time.  

Morgan Le Fay Holiday DressMorgan Le Fay is known for luxurious, local production and for the holidays, she does not disappoint.  The wispy chiffon skirt is made in America out of 100% silk. This holiday dress will be wonderful whether you are on the dance floor or sipping cocktails.


Heidi Merrick Holiday Dress, 2018Heidi Merrick's beautiful collection is made in America. In combination with the velvet material, this holiday dress is emerald in color, perfect for the holidays. The dress has long sleeves, tie waist, side slits and most important of all....pockets. 


Rachel Comey Holiday DressThe hippest dress on the list is made by Rachel Comey. It's a Made in America red dress with long sleeves and slight v-neck, which makes it perfect for a holiday party. It can easily be worn to a corporate meeting in the creative world as well. 


Heidi Merrick Black 2018 Holiday Dress Because you always need to have a black dress option, we are including this gorgeous Made in America dress by Heidi Merrick. This isn't just any black dress. Its one-sided shoulder has a loose ruffle, giving it that detail and elegance to be a fabulous holiday dress option.  

Holiday Blouse 2018 by HellessySometimes you just don't feel like wearing a dress. Hellessy, a line made in America, offers a gorgeous blouse with a huge ruffle and beautiful layering. This blouse along with the wide slacks, makes a wonderful holiday outfit.

2018 Womenswear Holiday OutfitsEmerson Fry makes another non-dress holiday attire option. If you have a more casual holiday party to attend, this sequence jacket is the perfect choice. Made in America, this silver metallic sequence blazer is a great dress alternative and will get anyone in to the holiday spirit.  

Holiday Sweater 2018 by Hellessy When was the last time you wore a sweater to a holiday party? Hellessy gives us another dress alternative with this stunning crimson off-the-shoulder sweater, MAde in America! Just as appropriate for a holiday drink with friends or a more fancy holiday gathering with co-workers or family.


Our biggest piece of advice for buying a holiday dress, which can be difficult to follow when you are busy, is to plan and shop early. Buying a holiday dress only becomes more difficult and stressful the closer you get to holiday party season.

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