Made in USA Dog Supplies

Made in USA Dog Supplies

For your go-to made-in-America pet shopping sites, get a head start here:

Based: Chicago, IL
Description: Doca Pet strongly believes in supporting the talent in their hometown of Chicago as they make high quality, modern products for human's best friend.  
Sources: Doca Pet has an opportunity to improve their listing by adding from where materials are listed.  
Social Responsibility: Passionate about local production
Shop: Doca Pet
Seersucker BandanaZz Bed Sizes
Y Bowl Medium Black


Care a Lot Pets
Based: Virginia Beach, VA
Description: Family owned and operated since 1988. As a hobby, father and son began competing their dogs at dog shows. After attending several shows, they discovered that the supplies needed to maintain “Show Quality Dogs” were difficult to obtain. Due to the lack of local dog product suppliers and the unreliability of catalog-based suppliers, they started their own pet supply company specializing in providing hard to find items. 
Sources: Care a Lot does notate which items are Made in the USA, but once you click on an item, there is limited information regarding where the item is actually made or sourced.  This would be an opportunity to improve the accuracy of their listings.  
Social Responsibility: This is a family that has served in the Navy and provided products to the Federal government.  It seems a continuation of service for them to have a Made in USA section on their website.

Based: New Jersey
Description: Pet health from top-of-the-line goods from quality manufacturers from safety-conscious manufacturers is Cherrybrook's foundation.
Sources: Cherrybrook lists from where materials are sourced on some product, but not all, which is an opportunity to improve their listing consistency by adding from where materials are sourced on each and every item.
Social Responsibility: Cherrybrook supports the American Kennel Club Canine Health Foundation
Shop: CherryBrook
Triple Pet EZDog Palm Assisted Finger ToothbrushA-OK TOY GROUPTiny Turtle Dog Toy

image by Doca Pet

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