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American Made Summer Shoes

American Made Summer Shoes

Don't know about you, but our feet feel so happy when they are in Made in America kicks ;)  It used to be a real challenge, but thanks to the brands below, we can now find MiUSA shoes for every occasion and budget this summer. 


Company: Loyal Footwear
Based: Hoboken, NJ
Description: 100% vegan shoes designed and handmade by a team of women 
Sources: Using plant based textiles, recycled soling rubber, and durable and high quality microfiber vegan leathers. Loyal Footwear shoes focus on the highest quality with the least impact on the planet and animals.
Social Responsibility: Made in small batches, with low inventory, Loyal Footwear handmakes shoes in New Jersey, USA using ethical materials. Their mission is to build a better shoe industry locally.
Shop: Loyal Footwear 


Bryr Clog made in America Bryr Clog made in America Bryr made in America clogs

Company: BRYR
Based: San Francisco, CA
Description: Each pair of Bryr clogs are made-to-order in a workshop consisting of five women. The process of making each pair of clogs takes about a week, and every pair is touched by every person in the studio. Bryr makes beautiful shoes built to last.
Sources: Bryr sources all their leathers from US tanneries. To increase transparency, we suggest to include this information on each product listing in addition to notating the source of their wood.
Social Responsibility: Clogs are made as needed so no there is virtually no overstock. Bryr is a female owned and run company committed to the highest quality, most eco-friendly processes and supporting US manufacturing.
Shop: BRYR 


 calleen cordero made in America sandals  Calleen Coredo Sandals Made in AmericaCalleen Cordero made in America sandals

Company: Calleen Cordero
Based: Los Angeles, CA
Description: Calleen Cordero is a luxury shoe maker bringing the old world art of handmade artisan quality footwear back to the United States. Production is done in Los Angeles with the goal to make everything as authentic as it is beautiful and as comfortable as it is luxurious.
Sources: To improve transparency, Calleen Cordero could denote the materials in addition to the origin of materials for each item.
Social Responsibility: Calleen Cordero is committed to supporting local manufacturing.  Calleen Cordero plants two trees for every product sold through the Trees for the Future organization. 
Shop: Calleen Cordero 


Cor sandals made in America Cor sandals made in AmericaCor sandals made in America

Company: Cor
Based: Los Angeles, CA
Description: Cor is a fresh take on simple, yet luxurious footwear, for the woman who wants the look of being barefoot with cushioned support of comfort. A smaller capsule collection from Calleen Cordero with a price point that can reach a wider audience while maintaining the integrity of our handcrafted comfort construction.
Sources: Cor uses a natural leather sole and gum rubber heels, however to improve transparency, they could specify the specific material on each item and denote from where each material is sourced.
Social Responsibility: Cor is passionate about manufacturing in the United States of America. They are supporters and participants of the Refugee ScART program and the Spiral Foundation.
Shop: Cor

Marais made in America sandalsMarais USA made in America sandalsMarais USA made in America vegan sandals

Company: Marais
Based: Los Angeles, CA
Description: The Marais collection encompass a complete shoe wardrobe of perfectly paired down essentials. Marais aims to reinvent the classics, season after season. Many of their styles come in vegan materials. Marais is a line of casual, yet elegant shoes.
Sources: Marais denotes the materials used for each item. To increase transparency, it would help to add the source of material for each item.
Social Responsibility: Marais is committed to making their product line in the USA. They are also committed to a vegan offering.
Shop: Marais USA 


PLPR sandals made in America PLPR blue pinstripe sandals made in America plpr made in america shoes 

Company: Pam Left Pam Right
Based: NY, NY
Description: Dedicated to the idea of effortless, casual sandals and inspired by clean lines and classic but modern shapes, PAM LEFT PAM RIGHT is about purposeful design and meticulous craftsmanship paired with the most high quality, luxurious leathers.
Sources: Pam Left Pam Right sources most of her materials in Europe. To increase transparency, PLPR could list the specific material used in each item and the origin of each material as well.
Social Responsibility: Pam Left Pam Right footwear is Made to Order, helping to reduce waste. PLPR is committed to local manufacturing.
Shop: Pam Left Pam Right                   


Sven sandals made in AmericaWeave Sandal - 3" High Heel Clog - Sven Style # 1883  Sven sandals made in America                  

Company: Sven
Based: Chisago City, MN
Description: Sven Clogs has been making high quality clogs since 1974. In addition to comfort, slipper and nurse clog styles, Sven offers stylish fashion and high heel clogs with the ability to create custom designs and sizes.
Sources: Sven's bases are from Austria and Sweden. Their leathers come from all over the United States, and their Sheepskin is from Texas. To improve transparency, it would help to denote the specific material on each and every item along with the material's specific origin.
Social Responsibility: Sven is committed to supporting local manufacturing.
Shop: Sven 

Telic flip flops made in America Telic flip flops made in America Telic flips flops made in America

Company: Telic
Based: Boise, ID
Description: Telic manufactures super comfortable, lightweight, waterproof sandals and flip flops in basic and fun colors. Their footwear has proprietary technology to conform to the wearers personal shape, provide arch support, absorb shock and massage the foot.
Sources: Telic uses Novalon to manufacture it's flip flops. To increase transparency, Telic could state from where this material is sourced.
Social Responsibility: Telic is passionate about manufacturing in the United States of America.
Shop: Telic



 Tidal flip flops made in AmericaTidal flip flops made in America

Company: Tidal New York
Based: New Rochelle, NY
Description: Tidal New York makes American-made flip flops that are stylish, fun and comfortable.
Sources: Tidal NY has a manufacturing facility in New York, where all of it's flip flops are made. They use polyurethane to make the shoes and to improve transparency, they could denote from where they obtain this material.
Social Responsibility: Tidal New York is committed to local manufacturing. They also are passionate about training and employing Veterans, who make up over 50% of their staff.
Shop: Tidal New York


 Zuzii Clog made in America Zuzii Sandal

Company: Zuzii
Based: San Fernando, CA
Description: Zuzii footwear was founded on simple principals: minimal design meets maximum comfort.
Sources: Zuzii provides full transparency regarding where their materials are sourced on each item.
Social Responsibility: Zuzii is committed to sustainable processing and local manufacturing. Zuzii footwear is Made to Order, helping to reduce waste.
Shop: Zuzii 




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