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Top 10 City Bicycles Made in America

Top 10 City Bicycles Made in America

Image Above Courtesy of Detroit Bikes

The numbers of American cruising and commuting through cities via bicycle has taken a giant leap in the past decade.  In Portland, Oregon 7% of commuters ride bikes to work, which is the highest percent in the USA.  The entire country has seen a 60% increase in commuters bicycling to work over the past decade according to the US Census Bureau.

The market size in 2015 for all types of bicycles in 2015 was six billion dollars.  99% of that share of bicycles purchased in the United States were for bicycles imported from China and Taiwan as reported from Statista. Ten years ago, America produced 83% of bicycles.

Bicycle riding is wonderful for the environment, preventing carbon dioxide emissions.  Let's further this effort by purchasing bicycles within the United States, or wherever your home country may be, so the production transportation costs and carbon dioxide from fuel used is drastically reduced, while supporting local makers at the same time.  Transportation is one aspect of carbon emission reduction, but the larger component of emission reduction potential comes due to the fact that China uses a tremendous amount of carbon dioxide in their actual production of goods, lots of which is actually imported from the United States of America! 

For those of you looking for a cruising bike, check out the below American made bicycles:

Company: Detroit Bikes
Based: Detroit, MI
Description: Detroit Bikes' philosophy is that to enjoy a city most, you must be on bike wheels.  They produce using American made Chromoly steel, which is American made and renowned for being lightweight, yet shock-absorbent, so you don't feel as many bumps in the road. Detroit bikes are made in a 50,000 square foot Detroit-based factory, which was founded in 2011. Factory tours are available at Detroit Bikes, where the manufacturing facility bends, cuts, copes, welds, paints, assembles and packages up to 150 bicycles each day. Tours last about one hour and are generally the first Friday of the month, but could possibly be scheduled at other times. All Detroit Bikes purchased have a lifetime warranty. 
Sources: Detroit Bikes sources some materials from the USA and some imported materials.
Click to Shop: Detroit BikesShop Detroit Bikes, Made in America Bicycles   

Company: Littleford Bicycles 
Based: Portland, OR
Description: Littleford Bicycles is a custom-made bicycle shop in the city that is proud to have the highest percent of commuters who bicycle to work. The journey for the builder at Littleford's began with his own cross-country road trip from Oregon to Pennsylvania and dreaming of what would make a more comfortable ride.  Littleford Bicycles has become experts on ensuring your bicycle ride is the most comfortable possible thereby ensuring the longest lasting enjoyment.  Using a bike day after day means you are in the same position time and time again.  It is critical for this position to be the most ergonomically correct as possible.  What is comfortable to you, may not be comfortable for me.  Avoid physical pain or annoyance by creating a custom bike that is as comfortable as possible for you.  When purchasing a bike, Littleford Bicycles conducts an interview which considers your posture, riding style, fit, body measurements, bike geometry, personal experience and preferences in order to create the perfect bike fit and look for you. 
Sources: Littleford Bicycles is a custom made bike shop, therefore the parts used may differ depending on the bicycle.  That being said, Littleford seems to use a lot of parts from abroad and a few parts from the USA, but one suggested improvement would be to further clarify for each part. 
Click to Shop: Littleford Bicycles  

Shop Littleford Bicycles, Made in America

Based: Portland, OR
Description: Metrofiets was founded in 2007, originally as a test in alternative bicycles and has become one of the easiest riding cargo bikes available. Metrofiets is your pick if you are looking for a city bike to haul your deliveries, children, purchases, pets, supplies and more. Metrofiets has designed a bicycle that can accommodate up to 400 lbs of passengers and cargo without sacrificing smoothness using a large front wheel, no-jitter steering and durable materials. Metrofiets is known for easily maneuvering, even with a full-load.
Sources: Stiffer, lighter and wicked fast, TIG welded fork and tube sets are a mix of Union made 4130 steel produced in the USA as well as imported parts.
Click to Shop: Metrofiets

Shop Metrofiets Bicycles, Made in America


Company: Milwaukee Bicycle Co
Based: Milwaukee, WI
Description: Milwaukee Bicycle Co. produces semi-custom bikes, meaning you can decide whether or not to include fender mounts, rack mounts, extra water bottle mounts, in addition to more than a thousand powder coat finishes. Milwaukee Bicycle Co has been creating bikes since 2001, when they had one bicycle on the market.  Today they have eleven.  Milwaukee Bicycles look like speed bikes, as was popular when they first started, yet is stylish enough for cruising around town.
Sources: 90% of the Milwaukee Bicycle parts are sourced from the USA. 
Click to Shop: Milwaukee Bicycle Co

Shop Milwaukee Bicycles, Made in America Bikes


Company: Shinola
Based: Waterford, WI
Description: Shinola first started making watches and then expanded into other American made or assembled categories, one of which being bicycles.  Most know Shinola as being based in Detroit, but their bicycle department is actually based in Wisconsin. Shinola demands a high price for their high style and brand recognition. Shinola prides themselves on offering a low maintenance bicycle that rarely needs to be adjusted, maintained or worried about, even in rain or snow.  A lion's share of Shinola's bicycles are manufactured in the United States of America, even if it means sourcing product from all over the country.  Shinola bicycles come with a limited waranty.
Sources: Wherever Shinola can source American made parts, they do.  Wheel building is done in California. Frame and fork manufacturing as well as chainstay plate production is done in Wisconsin. Decals are made in North Carolina.  Spokes and nipples are made in Colorado. Frame tubing is done in Mississippi.  Read dropouts and assembly is completed in Michigan. 
Click to Shop: Shinola 

Shop Shinola American Made Bicycle


Company: Signal Cycles
Based: Portland, OR
Description: Signal Cycles was started in 2007 by long time bike shop employees who had recently graduated from Art School.  The formed a partnership and after making bikes on weekends and nights, they jumped in full-time after rising popularity in 2008. Signal Cycles benefits from the owner's background to produce both aesthetically beautiful bikes in addition to them being just what the customer seeks.  Bikes are custom built and designed. Signal Cycles continued to receive acclaim and in 2011 they won the "Best City Bike" award by the North American Handbuilt Bike Show.
Sources: Signal Cycles combines domestic and imported parts, however we'd love further information as to this breakdown.
Click to Shop: Signal Cycles 

Signal Bicycles Made in America Bikes


Company: Speedvagen
Based: Portland, OR
Description: Speedvagen Bicycles make a myriad lines of bicycles. Their classic city cruisers are road bicycles, sleek enough to ride around town. Their classic bike is designed after a high-end vintage racing bike. Speedvagen is known for taking small details into consideration that make their bikes a truly beautiful and state of the art products.  It would be impossible to name all the tiny steps they've taken to make your biking experience the best that it can be, but one that showcases this would be the integrated battery that's hidden inside the bike seat mast so that you can adjust without any tools. Another way that Speedvagen goes above and beyond is they travel around the world to conduct fitting tours for potential customers.
Sources: Parts are from the USA and also imported.
Click to Shop:  Speedvagen

Speedvagen Road Bike, Made in America

Based: Sonoma County, CA
Description: SyCip has been building custom bicycles since 1992 and was founded by two brothers, one of whom still runs the shop.  At SyCip you can have a mountain, road, cyclocross, city touring or any type of specialty bike created. SyCip's city touring bikes are known as their Java Town collection.  These bikes combine the speed of a road bike, with the style of a cruiser. SyCip was a winner in the North American Handmade Bicycle Show in both 2014 and 2015.
Sources: SyCip has an opportunity to specify the origin of each individual part, or at least which parts are imported. 
Click to Shop: SyCip

SyCip Java Town Cruiser Bicycles, Made in California


Company: Victoria Cycles
Based: Salida, CO
Description: Victoria Cycles is a custom bicycle shop based in Colorado, started after it's proprietor fulfilled his dream of making bikes by attending the United Bicycle Institute.  The results were fantastic and Victoria Cycles now produces road, cyclocross, mountain, touring, city and even tandem bicycles. Victoria Cycle bicycles purchased come with a lifetime warranty, though this does not cover damage or failure due to accident, misuse, or abuse of your bike.
Sources: Victoria Cycles uses a combination of American made and imported parts, however it would be helpful to designate specific parts and their origin.
Click to Shop: Victoria Cycles

Shop Victoria Cycles, Made in America Bikes  


Company: Worksman Cycles
Based: Brooklyn, NY
Description: Worksman Cycles is proud to have been making bicycles for over 120 years.  They were established in 1898 as an alternative to the horse and carriage.  Worksman Cycles created a three wheel bicycle with storage in the rear, which they continue to produce today.  Worksman Cycles is a staunch supporter of the made-in-America movement and watched most bicycle manufacturers either move production abroad or go out of business all together. Worksman Cycles sells recreational bikes, folding bikes, electric bikes, delivery and cargo bikes, parent and child bikes and more.  
Sources: Worksman Cycle sources every part they can from the United States.  Where parts are no longer made in the USA, they source from overseas (tires, tubes, spokes, saddles).
Click to Shop: Worksman Cycles
Worksman Cycles Women's Bicycle with Basket, Made in America


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I had NO idea there was so mnay locally made choices. I assumed American made bikes would be super expensive…but surprisingly many of these are totally reasonable

Apr 18, 2018

color of the speedvagen and shinola xxxxx
design and price of the detroit bikes xxxxx

Mar 13, 2018

Awesome list…I saw the shinola bike come out, but it is pricey and I thought it was an anomaly. i really thought bike production had all moved abroad. I’m psyched there are so many US brands!


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